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Topic: Aged Sulawesi? (6 msgs / 111 lines)
1) From: Leslie Smith
I recently roasted some of SM's Sulawesi Aged Kalossi in the Proctor Silex 
Popcorn Pumper I've been experimenting with lately (used a whirley-pop 
until a month or so ago).  I took it into about 10 secs of second crack, 
gave it two days rest, and then tasted an extremely bitter cup of french 
press coffee.  What did I do wrong?  I love the regular, unaged Sulawesis, 
and I love Indonesians in general for their rich body.
I wondered if there might be something wrong with the Popcorn Pumper...  I 
don't have a thermometer hooked up to it yet.  That same day I roasted the 
Purple Mountain Kona just shy of second crack, and the Indonesian Komodo 
Blend decaf just into second crack, and was rather disappointed with 
both.  The Purple Mountain seemed just sort of OK, not wonderful like I've 
heard Konas are supposed to be (this was my first ever Kona), and the 
Komodo Blend seemed rather more bitter than I remember from last roasting 
it in the fall, though not nearly as bitter as the aged sulawesi.
Any ideas or suggestions?
   - Leslie Smith
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2) From: Ken Mary
Would you describe the roast time, bean quantity, cooling method, roasted
bean appearance, any mods to the popper? I have never tasted bitterness in
coffee, so I do not have a clue. Do not worry about temperature.
If by bitter you mean sour, then that may point to overloading and/or poor
mixing resulting in some underdone beans.
Roast another batch in the whirleypop as a comparison.
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3) From: steve_w
Quoting Leslie Smith :
My experience with Kona is limited to roasting a single lb. of the
other Kona currently at sweetmarias.  I did two separate batches
in a whirley pop, one just to the first hints of 2nd crack and
the second about halfway between 1st and second.  At those roast
levels it was rather subtle in flavor and body.  The one outstanding
feature I noticed about it was great crema production in my Krups.
In french press coffee it was decent as a blender with Kenya, but
not as good as Kenya/Sumatra.  I didn't reorder this time around,
but I'll probably get some someday and try darker roasts with it
to see how the crema and roast flavors work at an espresso roast.
Steve Wall
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4) From: Leslie Smith
Roast time about 7 minutes, bean quantity 3 ounces, cooling method was 
dumping into steel colander and pouring back and forth into steel bowl, 
popper is unmodified, roasted beans appear a nice shiny medium dark brown, 
approximately full city looking.  I definitely don't mean sour instead of 
bitter.  I'm not a big fan of sour (or too much brightness) but this was 
definitely bitter.
I'm planning some whirley-pop roasts today for comparison.
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5) From: Ken Mary
3 ounces may be on the high side but probably not an overload for a 7 minute
roast. But the shiny appearance would be an overroast in my book, unless for
espresso. Practically all of my 5 minute plus profiles will give beans that
are completely dull with no oil when taken to the first "real" snaps of
second, coinciding with appearance of the first divot. If you use the
popper's hood, place a tray so that divots will be seen as they are blown
out. I have 3 Proctor Silex popcorn pumpers, the latest bought last week for
$2 at a thrift shop, so I am familiar with them and other brands of poppers.
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6) From: Leslie Smith
I took another look last night.  I misspoke, the beans are not actually 
shiny.  They are a matte brown, and more city than full city, but with a 
few specks of oil here and there.  I brewed them up again, to give them a 
fair shake after a few more days of rest.  No luck, still extremely bitter 
and generally nasty tasting.
I have been putting a pot in front of the popcorn pumper to catch the 
chaff.  Been very pleased with the way air roasting removes chaff, and also 
with not having to constantly stir the roast as with the whirley-pop, but 
now worried about drinking quality.  I think I will roast an old familiar 
bean today to see how that tastes...
   - Leslie
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