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Topic: More Rosto Issues (6 msgs / 161 lines)
1) From: Peter Barnes
Well, in the middle of roasting my second batch of CRCS today, my Rosto 
stopped working again.  It appears to be the thermal fuse - again.  I 
received the Rosto over Thanksgiving, and this is the second time in 
four months that the fuse has blown - and I didn't even have it for 
almost four weeks while it was repaired the first time.  All of this 
makes me question the wisdom of recommending the "new" version of the 
Caffe Rosto to potential roasters.  I guess I'm bothered because I 
really don't abuse the roaster.  At most, I've managed 50 roasts, but I 
think that's high, and the real number is really more like 40.  20 or 25 
roasts per thermal fuse (and paying the shipping each time to return it) 
just doesn't make much sense to me.
Anyways, I'll post a review of the CRCS in a few days.  I will say that 
I have *really* been enjoying the Indian peaberry that Tom carries.  I 
like it better than the Tanzanian peaberry, probably more than any other 
coffee I've tried up until now - well, with the exception of Mama Cata.  
The Indian peaberry hasn't gotten much pub on the list, but I thought 
I'd mention it.  It's a very nice, mellow, coffee with faint fruity 
flavors and a nice "nuttiness" to it.
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2) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Peter Barnes" 
Sorry to hear your Rosto died again. If it is still less than a year old I
see two options. 1) Send it back and have them *repair* it again. Or 2)
Bypass the thermal fuse!!! Number 2 the course of action I suggest BTW...
If over a year old I'd definitely NOT suggest paying them to *repair* it by
replacing the thermal fuse. Just bypass the thermal fuse!!!
If you don't feel you have the expertise to do it and are willing to pay
round trip shipping send it to me. I can do it for you. Also split the
heater & fan voltage input if you'd like either leaving the heater wired
through the timer or not - mine aren't. (though more work, the thermal fuse
is accessed from the top end, the voltage input wiring through the
bottom...) I'd charge you say $5 bucks for the re-wire and thermal fuse
bypass to cover cord and connectors.
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
Royally Balance Brewin'
FrankenFormer Rosto Roastin'
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin' too!
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3) From: David Westebbe
I'd suggest a third course of action:  Replace the thermal fuse yourself,
with one of a higher value.  They sell them at Radio Shack.  The thermal
fuse is a safety precaution.
I HEAVILY modified my Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper, but that included installing
a high-temp thermal fuse.
Sivetz (and others?) say that the air temp should never exceed 530.  So a
thermal fuse of this value or slightly higher should never blow, but will
guard against certain types of accidents. The largest one I found was 492
degrees, and it has not yet blown.
Mike - IAAL, and my advice to you is to check up on your liability insurance
before you engage in this type of favor.
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4) From: Mike McGinness

5) From: John F. Coffey
Mike you just need to have the disclaimer written by one of the 
lawyer types that you have them sign saying that you did it at their 
request and you are not NOW or EVER responsible for anything they 
might ever do with it.  Have them sign it before you do the mod....
I for one thank you for the info you have posted on the rosto.  And 
it gives me the option to make the choice of changing it or not.
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6) From: David Westebbe
Also agreed.  But I would think a 550 degree fuse should be OK no matter
where it is located.  And perhaps modifying the location would work?
I don't know if I agree with that one.  Saving a life and removing safety
systems from somebody else's appliance seem to be different types of things
to me.
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