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Topic: Oh boy.. another new guy (7 msgs / 240 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Snip from JR
behavior. I'm
Welcome aboard JR, glad to have you on the list. It's a great list, with =
really good people. The information is endless, and as it seems you have =
some information, about the Hearthware Gourmet, that a lot of the list =
members will be hounding you for.
enjoy the journey

2) From: john roberts
Hi: I just joined the list and will try to avoid typical newby behavior. I'm
impressed by the volume of traffic from this list but I guess that's what
you would expect from a group of coffee heads :-).
I bought a Hearthware Gourmet before discovering the archives so I didn't
know they have a half life measured in number of roasts. I learned it the
old fashioned way  when the one I bought stopped roasting after my 3rd
However customer service was pleasant and they promptly sent me a
replacement circuit board. Since it appeared there may be a reliability
issue and I've done some circuit design, I decided to peek under the hood. I
did find a few things that didn't look right to me. I made the changes on my
unit and gave the info to Hearthware (just in case I'm right). I've been
roasting daily for a few weeks now and so far so good.
I'm in the steep part of the learning curve so I won't ask any stupid
questions (yet). I notice that the Hearthware appears to be regulating the
air temperature entering the roast chamber, so after I learn more I may play
with using an exit air temp sensor to gauge the state of the roast, maybe
add a second control loop, but for now I'm swamped with too many variables
and unlearning an old preference for Star-burnt.
(John Roberts)
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3) From: miKe mcKoffee
From: "john roberts" 
 Since it appeared there may be a
Welcome to the list! (You'll fit right in with some of us other tinkerers)
And may well have a thing or three to teach us:-)
BTW, there aren't stupid questions only the ones that don't get asked.
(Unless asked over and over:-)
FrankenFormer Rosto Roastin' - Royally Balance Brewin'
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin' too!
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4) From: espresso gin
Welcome John:
Not to  worry I ask dumb questions every day.
I am trying to learn my FR (French Roast) and thinking about an alp or Hot
Top to have a longer roast.
After burning a few batches, 70 mil, I am really tuned into look and smell
and the advantage of going to cool in the middle of it all.
have a great time John,
the folks here are really a great bunch.

5) From: John Abbott
John Roberts,
 I'm going to have to start using last names now - we have more John's than
a cheap hotel!  Maybe we should use AOL type addressing  John36
:O)   Any way John, welcome to the group.  I'm impressed that you've already
checked the archives - something rare indeed.
 I would agree with the rest of the list - the only stupid questions are the
ones that go unasked.  Besides all that it makes those of us who have asked
so many questions feel good to be able to answer one for a change.  Let them
 I notice by your network address that you are in East Central Mississippi.
Its good to have some more rebels on the circuit.
John (36) - wandering Texas

6) From: Ed Needham
Posts like this are not typical newbie behavior.  OK.  You're in, now talk!
You really must not keep it a secret.  Please tell us what you found when
you examined and re- worked your HWG board.  I am interested, for sure.
Details!  Pictures!
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!http://www.homeroaster.comed

7) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Hi JR, I am on my third circuit board in a Gourmet.  I suspect part of the 
problem is that there is no vibration suppression, the poor thing gets 
shaken to death.  My first one had its triac flapping in the breeze, the 
second one had a dead relay, the heating one, of course.  It is a nice 
little roaster if you can coax it to continue working.  I will be very 
interested in any mods you apply that increase the usability/reliability or 
diminish the desire I often have to propel it into low earth orbit.

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