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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
From: "John Abbott" 
Is that 36 or 63! :-)
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2) From: John Abbott
Actually its the year I was born - so I would by default be John - issued in
36 :O)  My wife's brother John, his wife, and Carolyn and I got together and
decided that we would NOT use John to name any of our boys.  My
brother-in-law and I are both juniors, and my sister named her son John so
at family gatherings you never just John - you would get buried by a
I'm already seeing mail where "John" is responsible for something and I
begin trying to remember doing it - especially from those who don't quote
any part of the header from the message they are replying to.

3) From: Dave Huddle
Can I join this thread?  Please??
My grandfather and father were Johns, and so am I.
However, to ?simplify? my life, I was always called by my middle name.
When someone on the phone asks for 'John', I know it isn't a friend!
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4) From: The Scarlet Wombat
In the true spirit of engineering that prevades this list, we should not 
give the Johns integer designations, but multiples of pi.  The first John 
can be pi/2, the second 3.14, the fifth 12.56 and so forth.  If that gets 
too complex, we could just assign each the value of the cosine of their 
birth year in radians or some such falderal.
Dan...hum, there is at least one other Dan, so I guess I'll be 3pi/2.
Dan 3pi/2

5) From: AlChemist John
Of course you can join in.   I know what you mean about the phone "Hi is 
Nanci there (meaning my partner)?"
And of course, let me not forget my brother John (no kidding, long story, 
way OT).
John (68)
Sometime around 04:56 3/29/2003, Dave Huddle typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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6) From: john kangas
Oh good, another one! :-) The rest will be assimilated.
I could use my middle name, but it's Ian. (scandahoovian for John) 
Redundancy is my middle name!

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