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1) From: Tom & Maria
Oops, this message was bounced. Have to watch out for that dirty word
You know, It just occurred to me last night that I should be sending a copy
to the Homeroast list. And since there will be another emailer by weeks
end, I will!
BTW its funny that I intended it to be sent about every two weeks, but I
suppose bi-weekly really means twice a week? Am I confused? Or could it
mean both?
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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2) From: Prabhakar Ragde
It can mean both. You can use "fortnightly" to mean once every two
weeks, but then no one (except for a few Brits) would understand
you. --PR
(P.S. Sorry about the "svbscribe". Guess I have to get used to talking
PBS Latin. On the list for beginning adult violin students to which I
subscribed, one poster used the word "adult" too much and got
auto-lectured by the group software about spam!)

3) From: Daniel J. Piette
Here is a funny thing. Looking up Biweekly in the online Webster dictionary
http://www.m-w.com/home.htm)you get this answer:
Main Entry: 1bi·week·ly
Pronunciation: (")bI-'wE-klE
Function: adjective
Date: 1832
1 : occurring twice a week
2 : occurring every two weeks : FORTNIGHTLY
usage see BI-
- biweekly adverb
So it can mean whatever you WANT it to mean!
(Semiweekly has only one meaning:
Main Entry: 1semi·week·ly
Pronunciation: "se-mE-'wE-klE, "se-"mI-, -mi-
Function: adjective
Date: 1791
: occurring twice a week)

4) From: Daniel J. Piette
One more time:
The NOUN version of the word gives us this:
Main Entry: 2biweekly
Function: noun
Date: circa 1890
1 : a publication issued every two weeks
So there you have it!
Dan (I drink bidaily cappuccinos, and daily espressos. Or do I have that

5) From: Kathleen Tinkel
Since you've stumbled into my bailiwick (language and usage) for a change,
I can't resist this one...
The 'bi-' construction is always confusing since it has come to mean both
itself (half an interval) and its opposite (double). This really makes it
useless if you're trying to be clear about how often something is to occur.
Assuming you really want to tell us when we should expect mail from you,
replace bi-weekly with an unambiguous term: every other week, every two
weeks, or fortnightly.
If I were in your shoes (and I was when I published a weekly four-page
newsletter), I'd keep the cycle ambiguous - call it an 'occasional' or
'periodic' newsletter and be done with it! Cuts down the nagging...
My two cents' worth...

6) From: Mick
At 11:10 AM 10/17/00 -0400, you wrote:
Dont forget us Aussies....

7) From: Robert Norton
And any Yank with half a brain or more.
Mick wrote:

8) From: John & Carolyn Abbott
Isn't that an Aussie?

9) From: Dave Clark
In a fortnight (and a day) I'm on my way to London...
 Ken Wilson, my email to you keeps bouncing. Are we still going to 
try to meet up? Email me!!
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10) From: Tom & Maria
Yes ...thats what I was thinking!
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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