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Topic: newbies second question.. and sundry rambling (5 msgs / 151 lines)
1) From: john roberts
This is kind of a soft pitch question, more of an excuse to post.
How many folks chew on roasted coffee beans? I have found this to be a very
powerful way to experience the different flavors in a roasted coffee bean.
I am still on the steep part of the learning curve... one recent observation
that never bothered me before is the temperature of the coffee... the
military, 30+ years ago, lead me to drink my coffee black and at whatever
temperature it happened to be. While I moved far beyond the old percolator
poop, and haven't had to pick any leaves out of my coffee (lately) only
recently have I come to the awareness that hey, that last cup, while it was
hot, tasted a lot better than this cool one does....  (this is not a
question, I already dug out my thermos).
As if I needed more variables, I recently ordered a burr grinder... so now I
will have 10+ different grinds to deal with too, but one doesn't start home
roasting to simplify things... the path to perfection is full of many
I was visited today by an old business acquaintance who informed me his
mother still lives up in the mountains of PR and grows more coffee than she
can drink... hmmm, I've got at least a partial solution for that one.
I ordered a thermometer and some more green beans from SM. While I am happy
with my early results roasting, you know what they say... A life not
measured is not worth living (not a precise quotation or even germane).. I
think one of my first experiments will be to repair the failed circuit board
from my HW gourmet and see if it regulates to the same temperature (I
suspect not).... on the subject of regulation I wonder what all the fuss is
about variacs... if the roaster is regulating the temperature, boosting the
mains voltage will not increase the temp, you can always lower the temp
below the regulator's capability to maintain temp but then blower and
electronics function may be compromised. I suspect my replacement circuit
board may be regulating cooler than the original. Even thought I happen to
have a variac back in my lab (I'm a design engineer and they're actually
pretty useful for that), but I think I'll leave it back there.
After I get a clue, it seems like it might be interesting to add a second
thermocouple to sense the temperature of the air leaving the roast chamber
and use that information to decide when to turn off the heater.... but like
I said right now I am dealing with TOO MANY VARIABLES.
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2) From: miKe mcKoffee
From: "john roberts" 
Yup, been doing it since the 80s.
Actually, I'll often savor a cup slowly enough that the end of the cup is
cold. I find really good coffee is good hot, warm or cold! Different flavors
are more pronounced at the varying temperatures.
Hmmm, *only* 10+ grind settings. I guess it'll do for a starter grinder:-)
The PR Yauco Selecto I get from Tom is always most excellent!
Hence the *advantage* of a *dumb* roaster like the Rosto or popcorn popper.
I control the heater, not some pre-programmed circuit board that doesn't
like the heat to begin with!
Ah, what's just ONE more variable:-) Bean there roasted that...keep on
keepin' on the journey!
FrankenFormer Rosto Roastin' - Royally Balance Brewin'
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin' too!
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3) From: David Westebbe
I do every time I finish a roast.
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4) From: jim gundlach
On Monday, April 7, 2003, at 09:13 AM, David Westebbe wrote:
        ditto  and then some.
        Jim Gundlach

5) From: Lowe, David
I've done it on occasion, but not since starting to roast at home. We =
used to have a dog who loved coffee beans; if one fell on the floor it =
was gone! She would have appreciated the home roast!
Dave Lowe

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