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1) From: Jack Berry
It's tough to top drinking a homeroast Coban Americano in Texas but thanks
to Les I've done it. I now tamp with an authentic Texas Mesquite Thor
Tamper. That's how cool I am!
What a neat tamper. What a craftsman! I wonder how mesquite is for carving?

2) From: espresso gin
Hi Jack:
What base does your new tamper have.
Thanks in advance,

3) From: Jack Berry
Really hard dark stuff! Lignum vitae I think but can't remember for sure but
it's like glass.

4) From: espresso gin
thanks jack,
am also curious about the size overall, how tall/high is your new tamper? I
am asking as I am getting ready to order one.

5) From: miKe mcKoffee
From: "Jack Berry" 
I have to admit being somewhat disappointed. The subject line had me
envisioning tales (and pictures) of a tamper as long as a telephone pole and
the size of a dumptruck at the business end!
But yes, Les does great work...
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6) From: AlChemist John
That sounds like the correct wood.  Les  does like that wood and it is 
Sometime around 16:00 4/6/2003, Jack Berry typed:
John Nanci 
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7) From: Les & Becky
The Mesquite is wonderful for turning, but I would think it is much too hard
for hand carving!  I am sure that it would carve wonderfully with a power
set up, but I wouldn't want to try it with hand tools.  I am glad you are
enjoying your tamper.  You may notice, if  you give it snorf with your
smeller, you can detect the fine aroma of Mesquite even through the finish!

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