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Topic: more stuff ... hottop, cupping with Ken davids (5 msgs / 191 lines)
1) From: Tom & Maria
OK ... more new stuff:
I received a newest version of the Hottop to try out, actually it 
came via Baratza but was sent overnite from taiwan for me to try. 
Those with the machine have been telling me I should reconsider and I 
am listening to you. I tried to make contact with vineus but they 
were a little curious in their response: (we spent a while typing up 
an email with alot of specific questions but they didnt answer any 
questions, just said "please call", then I couldnt get through by 
phone. They seem like a fine company, but not exactly coffee people.) 
I have done a couple roasts with this machine and it is a remarkable 
improvement over the previous versions. I think we may get it but I 
really want baratza to be our source. Theay are so good with 
parts/support/etc and this machine does need it. But out of the box I 
am very impressed with the improvemnts. Whether we get them or not, 
if you are considering it, make SURE you get the very latest machine. 
The drum runs perfectly quiet, flawless operation, cooling is 
I went to an Indian coffee cupping by Ken davids over at Mr. Espresso 
in Oakland. It was a great group of greater SF bay area cuppers there 
from Peets, Royal, Willem Boot, Volcafe, etc etc. And there were 2 
really impressive arabicas, one really impressive robusta. Ken's job 
is to try to hook up buyers with these top quality Indian exporters 
(hes hired by the Indian coffee board). Since we are small, my job it 
to try to get someone like Royal, Holland or Volcafe to bring in some 
of these lots. We'll see if something good can come from this...
a plug for a really good espresso roaster: I don't hear much online 
chat about Mr. Espresso but they roast some great espresso blends. At 
some time, its a blend you should definitely run through your 
machine. They use very unique wood-fired Italian roasters, amazing to 
see a giant 4 bag machine heated solely by 10-12 Oak logs. I expected 
to see wood stacked up to the ceiling, but the efficient furnace uses 
very little!. The espresso is not smoked -the idea is that wood 
doesnt burn as dry as atmospheric gas burners, and the roast is a bit 
slower(20-24 min), which works well for espresso. This company is a 
mix of new innovation and old-style Italian roasting tradition , the 
folks who truly kept quality coffee alive in the US during the lean 
years, and before Alfred Peet. I was going to put a couple pics of 
these amazing roasters up on our site but you can see them at http://www.mrespresso.comtoo
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
            Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria
		1455 64th Street Emeryville CA 94608

2) From: Jack Berry
Great post! I'm interested in the HotTop so I was really glad to see some
action. But even without the news about HotTop, I'll always be interested in
hearing about what's going on with the business of coffee. Keep 'em coming!

3) From: Phil Jordan
I'm pleased and relieved to hear compliments about the Hottop from an 
authoritive source. I own a current production version (Chang Yue said I was 
the only person in the U.K. with one when I bought it from them at a trade 
show in London) and am very pleased with it. When I said so publicly on a.c 
this week and was bold enough to suggest that another respected pundit's 
attitude was unreasonably negative, I received a very unpleasant and highly 
personal flaming. Sorry, I *definitely* don't want to drag that up again - I 
am just very pleased to see the fortunes of what is basically a good product 
(not perfect, but still very good) turning upwards. Good on you!

4) From: AlChemist John
I found the site fine, and mention of the oak roaster, but no 
pictures.  Anyone else find them?
Sometime around 11:32 4/9/2003, Tom & Maria typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalt

5) From: R.N.Kyle
AlChemist John Posted:
I couldn't find them either John

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