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1) From: Jim Karavias
I've been roasting in a Whirlypop on my barbeque for the last 4 months and
have done about thirty 1/2 lb roasts. The last few have been extremely
acidic with alot of bite and 'twang'.  I've had this problem with Kenya
Mika, Yemen Haimi and Brazil Organic.   This morning I dumped a pot of
coffee - I haven't had to do that since I started home roasting. I've
cleaned all my equipment (roasting and brewing) and tried slowing down the
roast but haven't really hit on a solution.  Roasts are typically 8-10
minutes to first crack, a couple minute plateau and then race to second at
about 13 minutes and dumped about 10 secs into second.   Beans are cooled to
'warm' within 2-3 minutes and put in mason jars at room temp.
Any ideas?
Jim Karavias

2) From: Chris Schaefer
    Everything sounds right up until I read about your 2nd crack.  Even 
the two minute plateau sounds good for a conduction roast such as 
this.  You may wish to try and draw out your second crack by lowering 
the flame and taking it into second longer.  Develope the sugars and 
fats more slowly.

3) From: Jim Karavias
Thanks Chris - I'll try slowing down the 2nd crack.  I was also wondering if
the beans were getting scorched when I dumped them into the whirlypop.  I
dump them in and immediately start cranking, and don't stop the entire time
I roast. The temp is at about 450F when I dump them in but that's the air
temp.  I wonder what is the surface temp of the bottom of the pot?
jim k

4) From: steve_w
Hmmm, I drop my beans into a whirleypop at about 400F (indoors on
an electric stove), and yet my roast times to 1st and second crack
run about a minute faster than you describe, and no acid complaints.
Try stabilizing your heat source a bit by putting a cast iron pan 
under your pot if the extended 2nd crack doesn't work.  Not sure this'll
do anything but I'm also not sure why your current roast profile
wouldn't be fine.  All I know is that a cast iron pan works for
Steve Wall
Quoting Jim Karavias :

5) From: AlChemist John
What are you grinding with?  I had the same problem and it turned out to be 
my grinder had drifted too a finer setting.  Aside from that, the roast 
sounds fine.
Sometime around 09:26 5/2/2003, Jim Karavias typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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