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Topic: Non-PNWG special offer (7 msgs / 237 lines)
1) From: miKe mcKoffee
Having put some PG into Hawaiian brine earlier this evening for a 24hr or so
bath got me to thinking. (PG=pig/goat as in 6# goat shoulder John sent and
8# front pork shoulder aka pork butt) Got me to thinking about maybe trying
to do something special for someone on the list who won't be able to attend.
Thought about sending some vac sealed and dry-iced pulled Luau pork & goat
then got another idea.
Here's my no strings attached offer to the first and second to respond after
12noon PST tomorrow Saturday 5/3. (delayed responding so it's more fair to
all. I can't send to everyone:-) I've talked about it now and then for quite
some time, so time to share!
All the *fixins* for a 1/2 gallon batch of my infamous *Road Warrior*
chilled white chocolate Kona mocha (all you add is water & 1cup milk)
112gr Vienna Mélange roast Kona (what I use for six  double lungo shots)
Two 70cc scoops Ghiradeli white chocolate
One and a half 70cc scoops Polar Freeze
You do the grindin' the Kona and pullin' six double shots dumped into a 1/2
gallon pitcher (I use a plunging mixing pitcher), add the two powders, 1c
milk (I use skim deluxe - stuff that is fat free but has taste & texture of
2% - it's what Debi buys:-), filled 'till about half full with filtered cold
water, mixed well, filled to full 1/2gal total and mixed again. Chill and
serve. I bottle it in Sobe' bottles for my road cooler!
You can also make it *strong brewing* either drip, eVac or ??? I did in the
past before Miss Silvia, but it's better with shots.
That's the deal. Respond 1 sec after 12 noon tomorrow to get some. First &
second respondents by email time stamp after High Noon. Oh, I'll be sending
it USPS Priority the same day I roast the Kona.
Offer not valid to anyone attending the PNW Gathering since I'll be making a
minimum three 1/2 gallon batches for the Gathering. (one cow, one goat, one
soy milk...)
FFRmR - RBB - RG - MSB too!
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2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Just an FYI, there's only been one reply since noon. (it was off list, I
didn't specify so on or off list) Be a bit surprised since in the past
there'd been a number of inquiries about it...
Just finished making five 4# Sumatra Classic vac bags, now to two way split
and vac bag a couple 5#ers of Kenya Mika and Yemen Mattaro...
FFRmR - RBB - RG - MSB too!
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3) From: Scott Jensen
I just got home Mike, and if you still have a slot open I'd love to try
Scott Jensen

4) From: javafool
I would be honored, miKe!

5) From: javafool
Oh man, looks like I just missed out again. And I am going to be home
another week with my foot propped up (get the staples out Thursday), the
weather next week is 85° and sunny during the afternoon and that sure would
have hit the spot!
:(:(:(:(:(    TerryF

6) From: miKe mcKoffee
BTW, Scott Baltes was first to contact. (SB, I need you snail mail addy) So
it's an S&S thing. Both your on list and off list *send* time stamps just
edged out Terry. But you know what, I already gave in to Paul who had family
commits all day when he contacted me this morning off list. So you make
No, that doesn't mean I'm not sending you yours. It means, Hey Javafool
Terry, what the one heck what's one more! BUT Four Non PNWG list members,
THAT'S IT!! (gotta roast two 1/3# greens batches for Vienna Melange which
yields just over enough for two 1/2 gal so already need to do four roasts.
Course, I roast it 'bout every 6 days for my use anyway, 1/2gal every 3
days... hard core addict:-)
It will be a few days 'till I can schedule a roast and ship. I'll let you
know when it ships.
FFRmR - RBB - RG - MSB too!
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7) From: Les & Becky
Having tasted the Road Warrior mix, any of you getting it will be roasting
much more coffee, drinking much more caffeine, and possibly gaining weight!
That stuff is out of this world!  Believe me, Terry I am not so sure you are
lucky to have missed out on the deal!

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