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Topic: 24/7 hmmm... and Mac v. PC (8 msgs / 154 lines)
1) From: espresso gin
 it through the night. <<<
actually I run  Mac's, though I run one regular old pc with Windows 2000 Pro
since I cannot get my satellite broadband setup with my Mac's with the
stupid USB modem Direct PC uses. This garden variety PC has been on for 2
years now.

2) From: bud
Well now I've been humbled.  Maybe I'm just buying junk PC's to begin with,
who knows. 
On Sat, 10 May 2003 20:59:33 -0700, "espresso gin" wrote:

3) From: sho2go
Every board I have ever been on wanders into PC-Mac religious wars every now
and then.  Mostly its the Mac fanatics that hate Bill Gates, MS, or
whatever.  Personally being a CE, I use a computer as a tool;  the platform
that has the best software support for what I need, and without any doubt,
is Windows.  I have to admit that using W95 and then 98 would test the
patience of Job, although since moving to W2K the difference is night and
day.  Both my W2K machines just run and run...........my experience is that
the OS isn't the direct problem, but rather ill-behaved applications.  W2K
(and XP) maintain a tight control and let you back out of a locked program,
keeping the "blue screen of death" at bay.

4) From: Owen Davies
Among other comments, Mike wrote:
Er, well, mostly.  I'm running XP Pro and had to do a hard reboot a few
minutes ago.  The program that appeared to trigger it was Microsoft
Word--though there were a few others running in background, and it's hard to
be absolutely sure that nothing happened with one of them to upset the
system.  Got to admit, though, it happens A LOT less often than with any
other version of Windoze I've ever used, back to 3.0.
Owen Davies

5) From: sho2go
Um, yeah, thats why I never (!?) speak in absolutes about these things.
Since I've had my first W2K machine, I've had to hard boot only once, during
an aborted installation.  W98, sometimes daily.

6) From: Owen Davies
Mike observed:
One more data point for anyone who is interested:  I've been using XP Pro
for about a year now.  In that time, I've had to use the reset button maybe
five or six times.  With Win98, it was never less than once a week and
sometimes more than once a day.
Except with a Compaq laptop.  That thing had flaky drivers for this and
that, and over time it would build up from once every day or two to four or
five times a day.  Then you'd know it was time to save critical files to an
external disk and reinstall the OS.  At that, I felt lucky.  Reinstalling
was necessary only ever six or eight months for me.  One guy I corresponded
with had been forced to do it NINE time in a year.  (Guess who won't ever
own another Compaq system.)
Owen Davies

7) From: fletcher sandbeck
On 5/13/03 at 3:43 PM by owen5819 (Owen Davies):
Mac OS X has similar reliability.  I have only had a kernel panic (hard crash) twice on my PowerBook since I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar last year.  It is night and day compared to previous versions of the Mac OS and even more stable than previous versions of Mac OS X.
I also have a Win2K machine (now Windows Server 2003) and it is as stable.  Although I must say that installing Windows Server 2003 was a serious lesson in frustration.  Installs in Windows still involve some very cryptic instructions and choices.
How does this relate to coffee roasting?  It gives me more time to work on projects that I enjoy like trying out new roasts!

8) From: espresso gin
I agree that applications are the root of most computer issues. I use OS X
and 9.2 on my Macs and 2000 on my PC's.
I  got over the Mac is better long ago, as an artist I prefer my Macs but
use both Mac and PC here in Oregon and in California.
Most problems with Macs end up being extension issues, usually printer!

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