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1) From: Ron
Follow up on using a Variac with the latest version of the Alpenrost. I
posted before that it seems to roast about 1.5 to 2 minutes faster then
without it. You must understand that I use a 12 ft extension cord to the
front porch to roast. HD of course. With a normal set up I have a single
plug surge protector, then the 12 ft. cord, then the Alp. Normal times to
1min into 2nd crack about 18:15 to 18:30. Using the variac and controlling
the peak voltage to 120 to 121 volts. heater on cycle drops to 116 very
short cycle about 3 sec. the time to the same point 1min into 2nd crack is
16:45 to 17:30. I not sure why this happens, because the newer version of
the Alp is supposed to have a regulator built in. but this is what I've
experience in the last couple of days. about 2 roast batches with each
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2) From: Jim Schulman
Interesting, it shouldn't happen if the heater is 
thermostatically controlled. It could be that the 
higher voltage increases the temperature overshoot 
prior to the tstat cutting the heat off, and this 
accelarates the roast a bit
On 11 May 2003 at 18:14, Ron wrote:

3) From: john roberts
While the temperature may be regulated, what about the fan speed... ?

4) From: Ron
I did notice the drum speed are affected by the voltage, I didn't pay much
attention to the fan speed.
good point John.
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5) From: Ron
I don't know Jim, I just know it did with the 4 roasts I did this weekend.
I think the 12 ft. cord with out the variac resulting in voltage loss is the
reason the non variacd takes a little longer. Its no big deal I just thought
it may be of interest to some alp users.
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