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1) From: espresso gin
come on you guys, don't any of you want to test some great coffee from time
to time?

2) From: miKe mcKoffee

3) From: Rick Farris
Gin wrote:
Yes we do, Ginny.
-- Rick

4) From: Ed Needham
Hand raised!
Here's an actual coffee and roasting related post.
Y'all know that back a couple of years ago, I started roasting on my grill,
with a rotisserie drum, right?  At that time, I moved from 3 ounce batches to
significantly larger half to one pound roasts.  Then I built the Frontgate
can drum roaster and it can do five pounds at a pop.
I went to my coffee bin on Sunday and dug down to the bottom and found 'quite
a few' bags of green with 'very small' quantities of beans in them.  Two,
three, four and up ounces of beans.  I found, among others, Zambia AA Lupili
'02 (4.5oz.), Kenya AA Karumandi '02 (6 oz.), Mexican Chiapas Strictly Altura
(4.25 oz.), Panama Boquette (9 oz.), and Sumatra Blue Lintong (21.5 oz.).
Being the perfectionist I ma, I tossed all of them into a cold drum and
roasted them on my grill roaster for 15.30 minutes, beginning with a roaster
temperature of 500F, dropping and stabilizing at 410F at 1 minute, and began
rising at 3 minutes to 420 (bean temp probe inserted into the bean mass was
reading 210F, which is probably a combination of the bean temps and the
roaster temps).
Burners on 3/4 full, the temps were rising too slowly (temp had only risen
420 to 450), so at 7 minutes, I began bumping up the heat.  At 9 minutes, the
temps were still rising too slowly (465F) for my desire, so full blast is
was.  At 11 minutes, roaster was at 480F and at 11:30 first crack began
strongly.  Bean temp measured 420F.  I dropped the heat significantly to let
it coast to second.  At 12 minutes the temp was 460F. 13 minutes, 450F, and I
tried to maintain the 450F temperature for the rest of the roast.  At 15
minutes, the temp was 450, and second crack began strongly.  Bean temp was
448F on my 12" dial thermometer.  I pulled the beans at 15:30 minutes, and
cooled them in a couple of minutes, warm to touch.
Took some beans to work the next day, ground them finely, and brewed in
commercial Bunn coffeemaker.
It's really too bad this blend cannot be replicated easily.  I've got to
admit, it is one of the most flavorful blends I've ever come up with.  Very
drinkable, with no wild tastes at all.  But at the same time, the smoothness
of the Sumatra comes through, the twang of the Zambia and Kenya are both
present, the solid base flavors of the Mexican and Panama anchor it for
minutes after each sip.  It has moments of brightness, and long lingering
I don't brag about my blending skills, because they are very limited, but
this blend turned out really well.  I had Yemen's, other Sumatras and
numerous other small bags to choose from, and I did actually select these for
what I thought might make a good blend, so I wouldn't call it and 'End of
Bin' blend, but dang, I wish I could do it again.
There, Gin, satisfied?
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!http://www.homeroaster.comed

5) From: espresso gin
Well, would you like to send your snail mail and I will send it to the
others on the testing list and you will receive cool stuff in the mail...

6) From: espresso gin
ok Mike, I will send my list of greens,

7) From: jimgundlach
     I would like to do it but life is just too complicated and the 
roles of father, husband, grandfather, father-in-law, foster father, 
professor, program director, mechanic, carpenter, grounds keeper, and a 
few other things would result in me not getting things sent out when I 
need to and I just don't need any more things to feel guilty about not 
doing right now.
    Jim Gundlach
On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 09:16 AM, espresso gin wrote:

8) From: javafool
Ginny, Ginny,
I'm old enough, have been on the list since probably 6 months to a year
after Tom & Maria opened the store, and I drink great coffee every day. It's
almost always roasted just the way I like it too:>)

9) From: Chuck the AV-Geek
I'd be willing to try this.  I used to swap cigars on another board and was exposed to some really great one I never would have bought on my own.
Sign me up!

10) From: espresso gin
What I was trying to do was have some of you folks that have been roasting
longer perhaps agree to try one of the newbie roasts and post, if you wanted
to, a report.
I am not sure of some terms at this point, I have enjoyed my roasts but have
nothing to compare them too except the "store stuff" ugh...
So, if ya wanna test some other beans send me your snail mail and someone
will ship you off some fresh roasted.
Anyone who wants to be added to the list send me your snail mail, let me
know if you want to test or be tested and we go from there.
Warmest Regards,

11) From: Les & Becky
If you want to send me a sample (Homeroasting for 18 years and on the planet
for half a century), I am game!

12) From: Les & Becky
Your life sound about like my rat race!  Father, husband, (not grandpa
yet!), daughter getting married I'm doing the wedding, father, (son
graduating from high school in two weeks), program director, chaplain,
bearevement educator, grounds keeper, in-laws 50th wedding anniversary
coming up, and mothers 75th birthday on Thursday!  Oh I almost forgot, I am
trying to make Thor Tamper at least pay for itself!
Going to get another cup of coffee!

13) From: Jeff Pitblado
Add me to your list as someone who would like to be tested.  I do 
have a suggestion, though.  How about including some green beans for 
the tester to send back in order to show how they would do it.

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