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1) From: John
I am about to order a few more pounds of coffee from Sweet Marias and was looking for some advice.
Here is what I have tried so far
Ethiopian harar horse - This I roasted a little light just before second crack. I found it to be sort of wild I didn't care for it at first but after a few cups it got good to me but it lacked the body or fullness I was looking for.
Kenya Mweiga - roasted to the first snap of second crack. Seemed more balanced but still had less body than I wanted. It was very middle of the road.
Nicaragua illusion - roasted a little into second crack no oil yet.  I just roasted it and will not taste it for about 24 hrs.
Colombian "supremo" I got this locally and roasted it all sorts of ways it was not good at all.
I am roasting with a popery 1, and brewing with a french press. (by the way that extra filter thing works great I now grind finer than ever with almost no sediment at all)
I hope some of you can help me in the search for a deeper body coffee that still has some taste. I am ready to start blending if need be but want to find a base bean to do most of the work.
I look forward to any advice you have for this novice roaster.
John F
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2) From: Michael Rochman
John, as I'm sure you're aware, this is a matter of personal
taste....however, from what you've written and from what you say you're
seeking, I'd advise you go in a different direction. If body is what you're
after, I'd recommend something within the Indonesian listings at Tom's
website.  Good luck, Mike

3) From: Tom & Maria
Yes, for a cup with a cleaner profile and BODY try the Java Kayumas.
For a cup with an earthier profile try the Sulawesi Toraja Gr 1. The Brazil
Cerrado also has great body....
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
           Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria

4) From: Kathleen Tinkel
Have you tried a good Brazilian (Tom has a nice Cerrado), or a Sulawesi, 
Sumatran, or other 'Java' coffee? These tend to deliver more body than 
Kenyan or most American coffees in my experience.
I've had good luck using Brazil Cerrado as the base (say half or 2/3) 
with Ethiopian Harrar 'Horse' or Yrgacheffe in a blend. The Yrg is kind 
of wild, but very welcome in a blend that might otherwise have so much 
body that it becomes bland.
Have you read Tom's roasting notes? They can help you select full-bodied 
coffees and give advice on how he roasted them for tasting.
If you're roasting very fast (say 5 minutes or less) in the Poppery, you 
may want to find a way to retard the process slightly, as I think - but 
cannot swear this - that you get a fuller-flavored roast with another 
minute or two. I never roasted in an electric popcorn popper, but the 
FreshRoast is similar (fluid-bed roasting), and I definitely found the 
flavor improved when I managed to extend the roast to 6 or 7 minutes. 

5) From: Michael Thompson
Quoting Michael Rochman :
I heartily concur with this advice; I find the Harrar blends well with 
Sumatra Blue Lintong, about 40% Harrar, 60 Sumatra.  Body is high on my 
must-have list; Sulawesi is another good one to try.  
Mike Thompson
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6) From: Robert Cantor
Sumatra Mandheling DP first, Sulawesi second in my mind   :)
Mexican Maragogype slow roasted can be good, too.
Bob C.

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