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Topic: My Hottop arrived, too! (17 msgs / 387 lines)
1) From: Terry Stockdale
My new Hottop arrived today from Michael Anderson ( hottop4less 
).  Michael (the dealer) and Vineus (the distributor) came through with 
flying colors to quickly resolve a dead-on-arrival unit.  I'm now 
operational and having fun.  Would I buy from them again?  Absolutely yes.
My first roast was Sweet Maria's new Costa Rican Terrazu Llano Bonita 
2003.  After roasting, it smelled so-oh-oh good.  (250 grams of beans, 
setting of 4, with one plus, for a total of 18 min 10 seconds).  I 
transferred the beans to a couple of pint mason jars.  250 grams is about 
1.5 pints.  An hour later, I opened a jar to smell the beans again.  I 
can't wait until morning!
I don't recall cooling of the unit being discussed very much.  At the end 
of the cycle, the beans cool in 4-5 minutes.  OK, we've heard that.  But, 
you can not start a new heating cycle immediately.  Actually, you can start 
a new cycle on the unit, but it seems to cool for about 10 minutes with the 
fan running, before automatically shutting off the fan and heating the unit 
for 2-3 minutes.  At the beeps, you add the next batch of beans.
My second batch was another one of the CR Llano Bonita.  I'm sending this 
batch and a batch of something else to my coffee-holic brother.  He hasn't 
started roasting yet, but he sure likes to get beans from me.
My final batch for the night was 270 grams of SM's Donkey Blend.  Setting 
of 6, with 5 plusses.  This ended up a little darker than I 
preferred.  I'll go with 4 plusses next time, or try a 7 and cut it off 
early.  By this time, it was dark outside and I was roasting in the 
carport, using the carport's fluorescent floodlights.  I also used a 
halogen flashlight to evaluate the depth of roast.  I saw plenty of brown 
and a little oil when I pushed the eject.  The final product, when brought 
into the kitchen, was maybe a brownish-black, rather than a deep brown.
Terry Stockdale -- homeroast -- Baton Rouge, LA
Website --http://www.dadstoy.netPreground commercial blend + Drip pot = Coffee?
Monkey + Hottop + Rocky + Silvia = Espresso

2) From: espresso gin
I received this note from John a bit earlier this evening:
between roasts for more uniform profiles. <<<
He warned me against trying to roast 10 pounds tonight...

3) From: Lee XOC
< Terry Stockdale
< Sent: Tuesday, 20 May, 2003 8:53 PM
< My new Hottop arrived today from Michael Anderson
My gosh ... am I the last home roaster in Dodge who still doesn't have a
HotTop?? :)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lee / San Diego

4) From: javafool
No Lee, you are not the last toaster in Dodge without a HotTop, but I think
we are rapidly becoming a minority.
I have been wondering if there are any dissatisfied HotTop owner/users out
there. I can't remember the release of a new roaster with such positive
comments and results. I read about deficiencies in the prototype units sold
to the first group of beta users but most of those issues appear to have
been resolved. The HotTop almost sounds too good to be true and neither you
or I own one.
Maybe someone will offer one up as a tradition giveaway and I will be the
999th offline respondent :O)

5) From: Ron
Terry posted:
That's great Terry, and congrats to Ginny also, on the new Hot Top Roasters,
I will most likely have on by mid summer, I sold my Alp to help pay for it.
I'm not sure yet as I have a wood burner, drum roaster in the makes. and I
might put my money in a grinder and espresso machine
for the near 600 I could get a good grinder and espresso machine. Well I'm
glad y'al have yours and hope you get many pounds of wonderful coffee.
Home Roasting in SC

6) From: Ron
No you are not :O)

7) From: Dave Huddle
You are not alone!
Roasting from A to Z   Alp  to Zach & Danni's

8) From: Chuck the AV-Geek
"  I sold my Alp to help pay for it.  "
Out of morbid curiosity, were you unhappy with the Alp?  I have one as well, but its my first roaster and don't have any other experience to compare it to.
Not too old to learn new tricks yet.

9) From: Rick Farris
I'm not Ron, but I bought my Alp about the same time he bought his
(Christmas-time), and I'm not totally thrilled with mine, either.
For the 70%, or so, of my coffee roasting that is simply for casual
drinking, the Alp is fine.  It roasts a half-pound of coffee with very
little intervention.
Unfortunately, after becoming used to hand-profiled coffee with an air
roaster, the quality of the roast is simply not what I'm after when
tasting that special after-dinner or special-occasion coffee.  I almost
cried after roasting three pounds of some hard-to-come-by Kona estate
coffee and having it come out flat and almost baked tasting.
On the other hand, for my morning coffee and for coffee for my office
it's fine, and takes about 10% of the work to get 50% of the quality.
-- Rick

10) From: Ron
Well I was not real thrilled with it, first it took 3 of them to get a good
one. I'm like Rick, the coffee produced by the Alp is of a lesser quality
then I get with my WBI, it has its merits, and for the cost, I'm sure it
will be fine for most people. I had not trouble with it, and it roasted
consistent, I just want more control over the roast.
Home Roasting in SC

11) From: Chuck the AV-Geek
"   I'm not Ron, but I bought my Alp about the same time he bought his (Christmas-time), and I'm not totally thrilled with mine, either.   "
Thanks Rick.  I'm still new to this, and I'm just amazed that coffee could possible get better than what I'm drinking now.  I've been really happy with the Alp, but then again, I don't know any better.  (Yet)

12) From: Marius Johnston
Why shouldn't you be happy with your Alp?  I am happy with mine :-)
In fact, for example,  I have been roasting Mexican Chiapas Strictly 
Altura and I find it awesome.
But wait....isn't there something missing...
I read so many posts about beans, profiles and roasters yet
none of these obsessives tell us how they brew their coffee (nor did I). 
To me it is crucial. So, I brew my roasts with
a Technivorm Mochamaster or sometimes a French Press (Freedom Press :-) 
A person
who wishes to make espresso with it is drinking a different coffee than 
I, so where is
the communication?
Be happy with your roast. It probably IS really good.
Marius Johnston
Chuck the AV-Geek wrote:

13) From: Chuck the AV-Geek
"   Why shouldn't you be happy with your Alp?   "
I am happy with it!  I don't want to give that impression.  I can ever get an occasion roast that is batter than my local roaster's week old stuff.  That makes me really happy.
I'm just not the type to sit still.  I always like to look ahead to what I can learn next.  I know I'l be working with this setup for at least a year, probably two.  Mostly I'm curious and just want to gage my results against what others have learned.
I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to trading coffee with the folks in Ginny's list.
Thanks for your thoughts!
Grey matter exceeding designed capacity...

14) From: Ed Needham
Don't need no steenkin' HotTop. http://www.homeroaster.com/F1180149.jpgEd Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!http://www.homeroaster.com

15) From: Tom & Maria
Ed- that drum is truly awesome!!!! When I see the BBQ roasters I 
think this is what home roasting is all about  -DIY as they call it. 
I am still trying to find a decent scrap metal place where I can get 
odds and ends of perforated sheet, etc. If I find anything good that 
accepts retail sales, I will let the list know. -Tom
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
            Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria
		1455 64th Street Emeryville CA 94608

16) From: Alan Marchiori
Looks nice.  I never noticed before, but I think the rotisserie motor
should be a little bigger... that one only looks to be about 1/2 hp.  :)
I have yet to find a good motor to use on my bbqroaster so I can't
really talk.  I tried using a food processor motor.  Bad idea.  I'm
still looking for a cheap ice cream maker motor.

17) From: Ed Needham
Dan Bollinger?  Calling Dan Bollinger!  You still here?  Do you have any more
paint stirrer motors you can sell this man?  30 RPM and with a couple of tool
sockets, you can make a coupling to fit a 3/8" spit rod right in.
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!http://www.homeroaster.comed

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