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Topic: Time after roasting (Rosto (13 msgs / 253 lines)
1) From: Panama Stamps
How long should I wait after roasting my coffee with a Rosto before I drink

2) From: espresso gin
well Pat, the rule of thumb as far as I have been told is:
1. try some right away
2. wait 12/24 hours for "out gassing"
3. if you remember you roasted it try it again.
I try mine right away as espresso, some is simply wonderful right away and
others do need to "rest"
look to Tom's cupping notes and maybe go by that to start with.
you can always join our
Funky Roasting Crew here on the list and you will get feedback that way.

3) From: The M-Continuum
At 10:31 PM 05/22/2003 -0400, Pat wrote:
The same as you would with any roasting device or method.  Opinions 
vary...I wait a minimum of 24 hours.  I seem to notice an improved aroma in 
my roasts after that period.  (Or maybe that's just the amount of time it 
takes for the smell of the roasting process to clear out of my head so I 
can get a good whiff of the coffee aroma...)
Scott M.

4) From: miKe mcKoffee

5) From: Ken Mary
Storing in the fridge delays the flavor peak. My first two roasts (full city
plus) were delayed to the 7th day. Results for my second set of roasts are 6
days for Colombia Quindio, and possibly 5 days for Sumatra Iskandar, both
full city.
If your coffee seems to be staling too soon, try storing in the
refrigerator. If you use a large part of a roast in brewing vac pot or drip,
then wait 1 or 2 days at room temp, or longer (you do the test) if you

6) From: The M-Continuum
At 09:45 AM 05/23/2003 -0400, Ken Mary wrote:
I've noticed the same thing, and have gotten around it a bit by storing the 
roast at room temp overnight before transferring to the fridge.  It's still 
best after at least a day or two refrigerator storage though...
Scott M.

7) From: Rick Farris
It's like lasagna.  Sure, it may be better the next day, but is that
going to stop you trying it once it's done?
Speaking of that, does anyone else find that fresh out of the roaster
coffee tastes pretty good, and then declines to a point where four hours
later it's not all that great, and then 24 hours later it picks up
At 10:31 PM 05/22/2003 -0400, Pat wrote:

8) From: Peter R. Barnes
Interesting.  I have often wondered about those of you who brew some up imm=
ediately after roasting - but that's because we think of "immediately" di=
fferently.  I don't think I've ever brewed the second I've finished roast=
ing, but more like 4 hours later, and the coffee has never been good.
Still, I have found with frequent, non-immediate tastings that my favorite =
coffees (Yemens, PNGs, Uganda, etc.) always taste better with AT LEAST 48=
 hours of rest.  Even when I've tried them in desperation at 24-36 hours,=
 there is a definite change that comes around 48 hours IMO.

9) From: Rick Farris
When the coffee is just roasted it has a, I dunno, fresh-baked bread
taste.  I like it.
-- Rick

10) From: Greg Owen
On Fri, 23 May 2003, Peter R. Barnes wrote:
I would like to warn people, based on personal experience, that when 
pouring freshly roasted beans into anything like, say, a grinder with 
plastic parts, they must be cooled first.  I learned the hard way that the 
plastic cone that keeps fingers out of the Solis Mulino is made out of 
something different, and with a far lower melting point, than the rest of 
the Mulino.
	gowen -- Greg Owen -- gowen
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11) From: Rich Adams
Which goes back to what I have been pondering........when was the coffee
roasted that a merchant is cupping during the process of deciding whether or
not to spend a million?
It seems without a doubt the majority here let the coffee rest at least a
day before brewing so I am curious how a merchant will get the "true cup" on
the spot.
Tom?  When cupping when determining whether to buy or not, when is that
coffee normally roasted?
Rich Adams

12) From: Chuck the AV-Geek
"   Speaking of that, does anyone else find that fresh out of the roaster coffee tastes pretty good, and then declines to a point where four hours later it's not all that great, and then 24 hours later it picks up again?   "
Nope.  I find it pretty bad right from the roaster.  I started dring it fresh like that to see if I coudld predict how it would really taste, but have since given up on that idea.  Now I just chew on a few warm beans.  Much more satisfying IMHO.
better than warm peanuts!

13) From: Ron
Yes I find this to be true. after cooling I usually grind and brew a single
cup, and often find it to be really good, but the next morning, it is not as
good as the night before, and later 24 to 48 hrs. it becomes real good.
Home Roasting in SC

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