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1) From: TFisher511
I was browsing the Sweetmarias pages looking for the next item I just 
couldn't live without. I noticed the Zassenhaus Turkish Mill and I have a 
similar but different brand. The thought was that I can't imaging anyone who 
takes the time to roast and grind their coffee that wouldn't also grind their 
pepper for meals and salads. I know Tom does not sell pepper, but the mill 
looks like it would also improve spices at the dinner table.
Terry F.
Clearwater, FL
We are still learning to count ballots!

2) From: Michael Allen Smith
I once ground cardamom in my coffee bean grinder.  Afterward all the coffee
I ground tasted like crap.  Eventually, I ended up buying a new grinder.  My
advice is don't your grinder for anything but coffee.
(formerly of St. Pete, FL)

3) From: Mick
At 03:32 PM 11/13/00 -0800, you wrote:
Cardamom is great with Turkish style coffee 

4) From: Gary Zimmerman
Buy two!
-- garyZ
        & vacuum

5) From: Prabhakar Ragde
Hey! If I had to choose between cardamom and coffee to take to a
desert island, it would be close, but I suspect cardamom would
win. The headaches would fade, but to never have cardamom again...
On the other hand, I grind my cardamom in a mortar and pestle, and I
have an old whirlyblade coffee grinder devoted to only spices, and
nothing else. I don't believe cardamom will affect a coffee grinder
forever -- of the spices I am familiar with, nothing fades faster than
ground cardamom (it is worthless bought already ground), but still,
don't mix your grinders. --PR
(Trying to find time to get some flexible stove pipe to facilitate
indoor HWP roasting after the last outdoor roast took half again as
long as usual and lacked bite...)

6) From: Ed Quesada
I am in the market for a good travel coffee grinder. I have seen people 
talking about buying pepper mills, etc. I have a travel pack of coffee, 
chemex, filters,etc., but I take my whirley blade with me on the road. 
Has anyone purchased a Turkish Mill from SM, it looks like the perfect 
size for my needs? Just interested in feedback on the mill.
Warmest Regards,
Ed Quesada

7) From: Jeff Bensen
Ed -
I bought one over a year ago from SM for travel (in fact, I am on the road 
with it right now in San Diego). I love it and would not leave home without 
it. The Zass Turkish produces a very nice grind (I use it for press-pot 
coffee) and is very compact. It holds about 1/4 cup of beans, which is 
enough for a 16 oz press-pot at the strength I like. I grind fairly fine 
and it takes around 100-120 cranks of the handle to grind this amount, 
about 60 seconds. The Zass, a Swiss Gold 1-cup filter, a cup, a small Bodum 
hot-pot and some beans all fit in a small bag which I take to meetings at 
customer sites for a quick cup during breaks. If it ever broke or wore out 
(which does not look likely), I would definitely buy another.
- Jeff Bensen
   Palm Bay, FL
   'Roughing it' on the road in San Diego with Bugisu, Harar Horse,
   Yirg MAO, Guat. Hue., Yemen Ish., and IPM MNEB.
At 07:30 PM 10/21/2005, you wrote:

8) From: Jason Brooks
Ed Quesada wrote:
    I know many use them.  I thought about it, and due to the longer 
grind time, I went with the next smallest - the Knee Mill.  I've just 
packed it, along with SS Bodum Colombia and kettle in an old LL Bean 
back pack for a business trip to Orlando tomorrow.  Also holds my 
agenda, planner, a few books and portable music player.
Good Luck,
Jason Brooks
Hanging Out in the Heart of VA,
Roasting in a Poppery, and soon arriving BBQ roasters,
Pressing in a Bodum Chambord and Columbia, 
Vaccing in a Cory Vac Pot,
Espresso from a Magister Home, and a Krups Gusto,
Drinking good coffee with anyone that arrives!

9) From: mIke mcKoffee
I've had a Zass Turk for a few years I usually take traveling. It does ok,
though grind isn't as even for coarser use as other Zasses. And it's
substantially slower grinding than the larger burred Zasses. I've been
considering replacing it with one of the other Zass for our travel usees.
miKe mcKoffee
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10) From: Derek Bradford
I took my zass to Japan, along with my French press and a couple
pounds of coffee, for a week's vacation last month.  The box mills and
knee mills, although bigger, are pretty fast grinders.  I'm quite
happy with mine.
I attached a small power drill to mine tonight, actually, and now I'm
even happier with it.
On 10/23/05, mIke mcKoffee  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
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11) From: Sandy Andina
I use the Traveller II backpackers' burr grinder--$20 at REI. Holds  
about 1/4-1/3 c. beans (enough for two travel press mugs or one small  
hotel-room-machine-size pot of drip). I only use it for press and  
drip, as grind has to be adjusted with a set screw by trial and  
error, and I doubt it grinds fine enough for even moka pot, much less  
espresso, Very lightweight, black plastic, crank stores in the chamber.
On Oct 22, 2005, at 9:58 AM, Jason Brooks wrote:
Sandy Andina

12) From: David Johnson
Let me share a little secret. I have a few hand grinders and have reached
the conclusion that the best hand grinders for travel that I own is made by
Geska. I don't know if the company is still making grinders, but I have 2 o=
them for travel. The ones I have employ a decent German grinder for the top
and the bottom is a plastic (Bakelite?) to catch the grounds. It is smaller
and lighter than similar wooden grinders and packs well in a suitcase. The
most recent one I bought was item 6208922835 on eBay.
On 10/23/05, Sandy Andina  wrote:
One night, Kaldi's goats failed to come home, and in the morning he found
them dancing with abandoned glee near a shiny, dark-leafed shrub with red
berries. Kaldi sampled some of the berries and soon he too was dancing in
the field alongside his goats.

13) From: Ken B
Argh!  I went to add one of these to my order at SM and got the Out of 
Stock message  I am beginning to HATE that message. ;-)  Does anyone 
know when Tom might have these back in stock?  Does anyone have one they 
would like to sell?  (You never know unless you ask)  If so, please 
contact me off list.
Best Regards,
Ken B
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