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Topic: tickets? (5 msgs / 107 lines)
1) From: espresso gin
Still checking the mail for my airline ticket to the PNW gathering I'm sure
someone will send.<<<
Terry laddie where do you live?

2) From: javafool
Caddy corner across the USA from miKe in Clearwater, FL.

3) From: John Abbott
Terry just go west until you get to Mssion, dry off and ride along with
us.  But hurry - we're out of here in the morning!  Stopping to play a
couple of side trips along the way.  Should drop into Vancouver on the
12th or 13th.  You can ride in the 18 wheeler trailer were pulling full
of all our coffee stuff and Ginny's kitchen :O)
On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 18:33, javafool wrote:
    Caddy corner across the USA from miKe in Clearwater, FL.

4) From: espresso gin
does Jet Blue fly into your local airport? I just sent someone from Laguna
Beach to New York for 139 round trip!
we can take up a collection and get ya over here to the West Coast!

5) From: javafool
Looks like Tampa to NY to the west coast but nothing real cheap or real
close. You can bet I will be there with you all in spirit though.  ( haven't
been here in Florida long enough for a ya'll, hon)
Got a message from Ben, an old message, a few minutes ago with an attachment
that roadrunner kicked out. It said the attachment had a worm.

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