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Topic: trouble w/ Yirgocheffe? (6 msgs / 116 lines)
1) From: Michael Allen Smith
I roasted some Ethopian Yirgocheffe with the HWP and the color of the roast
was a little dark, however it was extremely light after grinding.  The
brewed color looked more like rust water than coffee.  It tasted fair.  This
may be my first HWP roasting failure.  Does anyone have advice for roasting
Yirgocheffe?  What times are others getting?
And if it is supposed to taste this light, can one advise a bean to blend it
with that would increase the body and preserve the flavor?
thanks - mas

2) From: Michael Thompson
Quoting Michael Allen Smith :
Not sure what is going on here.  The Yirg is my all time favorite 
single bean no blend coffee.  I take it to the end of first crack, and 
thats it.  It is lighter in body than say a Sumatra, but no less than a 
Yemini.  Perhaps you had a brewing failure?
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3) From: floyd burton
Yirg happens to be my favorite-just got 5# from Tom and I use a HWP.  Sounds
like you are not roasting the Yirg sufficiently.  What is your roast setting
on the HWP-are you roasting indoors at around 70 degrees F and are you using
the measure supplied by HW and filling it level full.  Finally is your
electrical system overloaded or old.
Just had an awful batch of Yemen Mokha Raimi-temp dropped in my roasting
room to about 40 and did not increase the roast setting to 7.  The ground
coffee was a rust color and the coffee was lacking in taste.  Did the next
batch at 7 and the resulting coffee was great.  Like you I went Yikes when I
saw the rust colored ground coffee-"We have a problem here Colombus".
Let me know if I can be of any further confusion.

4) From: Michael Allen Smith
I did my batch outdoors at about 50 degrees.  Later this weekend I'll bring
it indoors and try it again.  It seems cool outdoor temps help the
FreshRoast, but throw off my (son of) HWP.
For the record - I blended my weak Yirg with a Full City Sumatra and it was
amazingly good.  Much better than either separately.
thanks - mas

5) From: floyd burton
In my opinion, lower roasting temps produces a better result for the HWP
also.  Do you remember the roast setting-it has to be set at about 6 to get
it through the first crack.  The cracks are much more protracted when
roasting at lower temps with a HWP.  I think you will get superior results
if you roast long enough.

6) From: Don Staricka
I prefer my Yirgacheffe roasted in the HWP to the beginning of second crack 
and even a little ways into second crack. It has good body at that degree 
of roast with full flavor. I then let it rest for about three days at which 
point the floral aroma is strongly evident. I know Tom and others might 
disagree about roasting it this dark but I've tried lighter roasts and I 
don't like them as much.
I don't know how long it would take to achieve that degree of roast in your 
HWP. I just go by temperature and sound.
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