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Topic: The Canyons of the Colorado (8 msgs / 252 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
OH WOW!!  OK - I drove as slowly  as possible  on highway 191 from 
Monticello to Moab.  .What incredible cliffs - no earthly sculptor could 
have even dreamed of those shapes.  Beautiful -no other words work. 
 Then we pulled into Moab expecting a wide spot in the road - WRONG! 
 What a great town!  Found no less than six coffee shops - one actually 
knew a little about coffee.  Then we found two restaurants that had 
whole pages for vegetarian diners.  Found a micro brewery for those of 
you who would appreciate that.  And we are going to take the river 
cruise by night in about 25 minutes.  Tomorrow we'll head into The 
Arches National Park.  
I have bottled water, Costa Rican Miel and the E-siphon all set for the 
morning - figure I'm going to be wiped out after the river.   How can a 
town so tuned to outdoor life - natural foods and supporting six coffee 
houses (and about every restaurant) and not know more about coffee.  Ah 
a mission field if ever there was one. Wish I had some Kona with me.
John - REALLY loving life in the canyon

2) From: miKe mcKoffee

3) From: John Abbott
We've landed:  here in Vancouver.  I've been sending mail but its not 
getting posted.   We're in room 406 at the Heathman Inn.  Great hotel - 
thanks for the suggestion.   We hit the rack early last night (11pm) and 
were up at 3:50 because our bodies are still operating on Texas Time. 
 Need to go find breakfast as soon as the sun comes up.  I just stuck my 
 head outside - is it going to snow?  Wish I still owned a parka :O)
John - lovin life in Vancouver - its GREAT to be back in the PNW
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

4) From: Lowe, David
Welcome back! A *slight* adjustment to a different climate than Texas? =
As Mark Twain is reported to have said: "The mildest winter I ever had =
was a summer in Seattle." :-)
Dave Lowe

5) From: John Abbott
Yeah but everything is so green and beautiful - the wet tree smell was
enough to make us decide to run on up to Pudget Sound when we finish here
and Cannon Beach. Cold and wet, but more than offset by the beauty.
John - sucking on a e-siphon brew of CR Miel

6) From: john roberts
The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.
                                                   Mark Twain
I believe Seattle is more known for rain?

7) From: Lowe, David
People up here seem to have modified and claimed the quote. 
Having lived in the SF area (east bay) and now near Seattle, my opinion =
is that the climate is similar. Our temps get a bit lower in the winter =
and we may have more rain, or at least cool gray overcast days. I've =
never looked at any meteorological data to see if I can substantiate any =
of my perceptions.
Dave Lowe

8) From: bud
Having been raised in the Bay area, lived on the beach (Great Highway) in San
Francisco and then Bellevue Washington - weekly trips to Portland Ore. I can
safely say - its wettest in Pudget Sound when its wet - wettest all year in
Portland and coldest all year (every single day) on the beach in SFO.   We now
live where we are in triple digits five months of the year - where did I go
I started my coffee addiction at the Pike Place Market when there was only one
Starbucks. Maybe my bad memory but the coffee was considerably better back in
the 60's before they became famous.   I moved back to California and couldn't
find good coffee and began roasting - beans from Mexico!!   30 years later I'm
getting back into those beans from Mexico in a big way.
John - glad to be back where I left my heart.
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