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Topic: New member and need archive address (6 msgs / 99 lines)
1) From: John Cramer
Hi, guys.
New member here.  I've been home roasting with a
Hearthware for about a year. Just upgraded to an
Alp, so I won't need to roast as often, and will be
able to roast gifts faster.
I'd like to peruse the archives. Does anyone know
where the FULL archives are located?  I've asked
Tom, but he doesn't have them.
Abundant blessings to all,
John Cramer

2) From: Beth & Rob
Hi all
I am also new and would be interested in the archives.
I'm not sure if I fit here. I have only been roasting my own beans for about
2 weeks and this in a popcorn popper. The results have been tremendous,
thanks mostly to great direction given by Alan from C4C who supplies me with
green beans. I've still got alot to learn though and hope to pick up a few
more tips from you guys - that's if you don't mind having a newbie aussie

3) From: coffenut
I think this is the URL that you seek for the archives:http://themeyers.org/HomeRoast/index.htmEnjoy and welcome to the group...Coffenut  :^)

4) From: drg
There is a searchable archive of the year 2000 messages at:
  http://TheMeyers.org/HomeRoast/index.htmThere is also an archive of the 1999 messages at:
 http://schwani.dyndns.com/l2w/coffee/1999/but it is not searchable and is indexed by month day.  It takes a while to
read thru it all.
    Jim Gundlach
      Roasting over pecan wood fire in an old fireplace popcorn popper.
        Grinding in a newly adjusted Solis 166 backed up by a Gaggia MM
          Brewing in a Gaggia Coffee, Gaggia Espresso, French Press, and
             Silex Vacuum.
               In Shorter Alabama

5) From: Matt Worner
G'day love, 'appy to 'ave ya!
Beth & Rob wrote:
Pam, Matt and Darrell Worner
1975 31' Sovereign, 2000 F-350 PSD, Hensley Arrow

6) From: Richard Schwaninger
Actually, the archives athttp://schwani.dyndns.com/l2w/coffee/has all postings from December 1998 to present. Go to the above URL or if you 
want to go straight to 2000 type that in at the end of the URL.
As mentioned though, that archive is not searchable.
On Fri, 24 Nov 2000 09:17:49 -0600, drg wrote:

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