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Topic: Traditions offering (6 msgs / 107 lines)
1) From: Scott Jensen
I won a cup from Ginny a few weeks ago and have not had time to put
something up, so finally here it is:
1. A west bend popper.  Older green and white model, has the switch on the
2.  Swiss gold one cup coffee maker, brand new from Sweet Marias.  I asked
for a Ibrik for my birthday and got a S/G instead, since I have one already
I'll offer this one.
Send me an email, take your pick and I'll mail it out to the 1st responce
sent offline.

2) From: Scott Jensen
Ron takes the swiss gold, and thank you Gin for the espresso cup!

3) From: peter zulkowski
Sorry to say I still owe a tradition from when I won a coffee scoop from 
Ginny waayyyyy backkkk.
Honestly, it has been very difficult for me to select (part with) stuff 
that I may need sometime in the future. You know I wrecked my first 
Pumper by trying to modify it, and figured I would be going through 
these things very quickly. Needless to say, if you do not stay up too 
late to work on them, and you do plug them into the right voltage 
outlet, they will last a very long time :)
Sooo, I am willing to (must) part with one of my superior West Bend 
Poppery II's.
This is an unused (by myself), unmodified version that seems very strong 
and quiet. I must say that these work fine for roasting coffee right out 
of the box. If you want to roast more than one batch at a time, the 
second and third batches are very quick!
This model does NOT have a butter dish built into the top. It is 1200 
Watts, and probably has never been used. No smell of popcorn. :)
Please email me off list, and I will do the drawing (or C will) next 
tuesday afternoon.

4) From: John F
What is this tradition?
I was not here when it started, if it even started here.
John F

5) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
The tradition is a gift giving practice.  If you put your name in for 
Peter's offering and you win the drawing, he sends you the offering.  
The only condition is that you offer something coffee related up to the 
list and those who enter the drawing for your offering agree to 
continue the tradition if they win.  There are about three or four 
tradition threads going on now.  I'm waiting on the receipt of a pound 
of Malabar Gold after which I'll offer up something.  To simplify the 
process the person sending the gift pays for shipping.  It is just one 
of the things that makes this list a bit more civil than most.
Jim Gundlach
roasting over pecan wood fires
in La Place, Alabama
On Feb 27, 2004, at 5:17 PM, John F wrote:

6) From: Ron Kyle
I have a traditions offering. I received one from Dan and I'm now offering a
1 lb of Brazil cup of excellence Fazenda Laranja-Cravohttp://sweetmarias.com/coffee.southamr.brasil.html#COE-LCJust received from SM .
custom Roasted in a RK drum
respond off list to rnkyle
Respond by 4/10/04 midnight EST.
Also include how you would like it roasted.

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