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1) From: mikejfoley
Hey Everyone! Thanks for all the great input on the Zass grinders. I
think I've decided on the model #169, for one good, and one shallow,
reason. The good; it's faster. The shallow; it's better looking!
However, the knee grinder ran a very close second, so if ever get
another Zass...
  Speaking of shallow, is anyone familiar with the Bisetti side hand
crank coffee mill? It's a reproduction of an antique model, and looks
real cool. They're made in Italy, and have hardened steel burrs, but
that's all I know. If it works half as good as it would look on my
counter top, well, you know what's next on my ‘to buy’ list. So, any
feedback would be, shall we say, for the good of the grind.
Regards, Mike F                                  (Wishing that the PNWG
wasn't a bit more than just a hop on the Wide Glide away from Philly.)    =

2) From: Jim Gundlach
 Mike F wrote:
My sense is that there are very few good coffee grinders out there that cost less than several hundred dollars.  The Zass has proven itself.  Any of the others, especailly if they appeal to the shallow side, probably should not be allowed to ruin good coffee.
Jim Gundlach

3) From: Angelo
The Bisetti looks much like the Trespade grinder Tom was(is?) selling. You 
might check the archives to get more info on the quality of the burrs. It 
seems like it would be easier to grind with, if you need a justification 
for the purchase...

4) From: barbara stewart
Hey has anyone gotten any new information on the Zassenhaus Coffee Mills?  I believe they were out of production but were supposed to be back in june.  Just wondering.
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5) From: Dave Robinson
I couldn't wait until Zassenhaus sorted things out and picked up one on eBay
for about $17 plus shipping. It works great (I use it mostly for French
press) and Iove it. You might want to search eBay for "Fassenhaus", too. A
lot of people who don't know what they have misread the "z" as an "f", and
since they don't know what it is, they let it go for cheap and people
searching only for "Zassenhaus" will miss bidding on it.

6) From: Rob Piirainen
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I just bought the 151 model from the link below. It is a plain utilitarian
model, Zass stamp on the bottom, tag attached said German product 10 year
warranty on grinding mechanism. Built solid grinds well, although I'm not a
expert. Seems to be the real deal,http://www.espressozone.com/hand-coffee-mills.html

7) From: John Brown
i have been looking for a hand grinder and have come across a Czech made 
corn grinder Porkert
UM75. MC6, MK6, and S150.  all table top mounted.  on is call a poppy 
seed grinder but they list coffee as well
Bob Brashear wrote:

8) From: Homeroaster
John, I use a grinder like this for barley when homebrewing beer.  I'd guess 
it 'could' grind coffee, and 'might' even do a nice job, but why not use 
something better suited to the quality of the coffee you're roasting?
Ed Needham (yes, a moped will get you to California)
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

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