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1) From: John Abbott
Wow! Wired!  First of all a huge thanks to Mike & Debi for hosting a 
spectacular day.  Thanks to Chef Mike for some extraordinary food 
prepared to perfection.  Then a thanks to each person who came, brought 
food, coffee and some great dialog.   As good as the food and coffee was 
- it was the very special people who gathered to make it a fun day.   
Poor Mike & Debi will be days and days getting their home back to normal 
- if it really ever gets to normal.
I got to watch chef Mike flying around the kitchen yesterday preparing 
much of today's fare - and you really wouldn't believe it if you have 
never watched - flying hands and pans - sweet smelling food done to 
exacting measure and time.  I kept wondering if I could remember the 
basics of CPR because  I just knew somebody was going to pop.  But it 
all turned out perfectly. Then today I was more fearful that Miss Silvia 
was going to pop -140 shots in 7 hours.   Then after dinner we got to 
suck up a cup from the Royal - I was told it was good by the crowd that 
pressed in for those 6 cups.
It was a long drive and really worth every mile.  Is there going to be a 
sequel - you can safely bet on it.   I suggested may the next one should 
be in Texas - lots of laughter later we simply agreed that we need to do 
this again.
We sampled some of Jim's Pecan roast - good stuff!  And then of course 
we got into Tom's offering - good smooth espresso.  Then we raided Mikes 
stash - all except his ISH which was placed way out of sight.  But last 
year's and this year's Kona winners were pretty well tagged.  Then 
Charlie came through with several exceptional brick oven roasted coffees 
- and we were off and drinking.
We ran some beans through the HotTop which will have to wait a couple of 
days to be appreciated - but the machine impressed some - well except 
for the delay between back to back roasts.  We held a small wake for 
Alchemist John's roaster which developed an interesting short circuit - 
who'd have thought paint would conduct - but the meter said "yup."   But 
the Zen Roaster will be a thing to marvel over very soon.  The welds 
from John K - were almost art they were so even and smooth.  
OK - last comment.....  YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!
JOHN - wandering the West Coast - as soon as I quit vibrating from all 
that coffee

2) From: Zara Haimo
Ditto from me - what a fantastic gathering!

3) From: Les & Becky
Yes, I know, but I had to stay home with 6 cute little pug puppies to see if
I could sell some.  I sure was sorry I couldn't be there, hope I get to go
next year!  (At least Les got to go and show off some of his wilder and
exotic Thor Tampers).
Love, Becky

4) From: Andrew Boardman
I agree wholeheartedly, it was a great time and I'm glad I made the
(relatively much shorter) trip down to be there.
Maybe it'll spur me into participating in the list more often...
.... on purpose, even.
I took a bunch of digital photos, I'll try to get them up on my website soon
and I'll post the url.
-- Andrew

5) From: javafool
Glad everyone had such a wonderful time, but I wouldn't have expected
anything less. I'm sure many of us who couldn't attend will be looking
forward to seeing the pictures you took. Can't wait till you get them up.
(That includes pictures taken by all present)

6) From: jim gundlach
On Sunday, June 15, 2003, at 12:59 AM, John Abbott wrote:
I'm glad to hear it went well.  I took a break from house restoration 
work at about 2:15 Pacific time and had two doubles from the batch of 
Pecan roasted Uganda to think about you guys and get in tune caffeine 
Jim Gundlach

7) From: Andrew Boardman
As promised, and thanks to my lovely wife downloading the photos from the
camera and building the album:http://www.mareimbrium.com/photos/pnwcoffee0603/Enjoy,
-- Andrew

8) From: Spencer W. Thomas
Now, somebody needs to identify all the people and add captions!  I wish 
I could have been there, but the airfares didn't cooperate! :-)
=Spencer in Ann Arbor, MI
Andrew Boardman wrote:

9) From: Phyllis Speed
Thanks for the pics!  I have been following the email list conversation.  I
missed the coffee but I was there in sprit.  As some one else mentioned we
need to have another get together in Texas.  Late October or March through
May would be good weather wise.

10) From: javafool
Great pictures! Thanks to you and the wife for sharing.

11) From: Ron
Thank you Andrew, the pictures were nice, is there any way of putting names
with the pictures?

12) From: Les & Becky
This was one of the few dinners that was worth a 406 mile round trip to
enjoy!  The food was great.  The getting to know some folks on the list
personally was priceless!  We all pretty much agreed that Tom shouldn't
monkey with the Monkey blend.  I vac potted some of it today and it was much
better brewed that way than pulled.  There was an annoying intensity in the
shots that is hard to describe.  Mike and Debi were the premier host and
hostess.  My deepest appreciation for hosting the great get together.  I
would also like to thank Tom and  Maria for hosting our list so we can not
only enjoy great coffee, but great people from many different backgrounds
with homeroast as a common interest.  I am really glad that John Abbott
came.   Oaxaca Charlie was a wealth of knowledge about the growing situation
in Mexico and other parts of the world.  I learned to treasure our special
coffee knowing how little the farmer really gets and the trouble that has to
be gone through to get us quality beans.  I enjoyed showing some of my Thor
tampers too!

13) From: gp
This is the note I just sent to Mike and Debi, I just got home.
hell off Mill Plain yesterday for hours/miles trying to find 15104 7th
I did find it after dead ends, SE/NE/SW/EN and I think a "that way" sign...
I am so sorry to have missed the gathering. My house sitter was unable to
access my machine to get the info that I had obviously copied down the wrong
I still have veggies for 25 in my cooler.
All I can say it shit, my loss and I am sorry I did not call but since I can
always find my way I did not take the number. As I am typing it occurs to me
I could have looked in the phonebook!! Shit again. I went back to Portland
at 5pm and checked into the DoubleTree for the night I was so frustrated.
Mike and Debi I will send you a cup and the coffee I was offered last

14) From: AlChemist John
Well, we are back home, stunned and tired after a amazing weekend, wishing 
it could have gone on longer. I....
I have just been asked too make this short so Penny can get our pictures 
uploaded.  I will just do a quick thank you to Mike and Debi (thank you) 
and a quick " it was wonderful" to everyone else who made it (I feel so 
sorry for you Ginny for getting lost).  I'll give my report a bit later.
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalt

15) From: Andrew Boardman
Yup, knew there'd be people asking for captions.  We just went through and
updated them with my far from perfect memory, feedback/corrections/additions
appreciated.http://www.mareimbrium.com/photos/pnwcoffee0603If you've already seen them refresh for the update.
-- Andrew/Yiing

16) From: miKe mcKoffee
I swear it sounds like a guy thing and you're not a guy! 7th Street instead
of 74th Street with no printout and/or phone number... only 67 blocks too
far South. Major bummer.
I guess yesterday you took John's title of Wandering to a new (and I'm quite
sure totally frustrating) level.
Back to recovery Debi, self & home wise... (yes, it'll be a few days but
getting closer!:-)

17) From: gp
I drove up and down Mill Plain from the freeway to 151st...
around, in between and I have never seen so may dead ends as in Vancouver.
hell, I should have just followed the smell...

18) From: Myron Joshua
Great Pics that show what a great event you guys had.
Mike and gang! When you do something you do it right!
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19) From: Lee XOC
< John Abbott
< Sent: Saturday, 14 June, 2003 11:00 PM
< OK - last comment.....  YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!
I regret not being able to attend, but I had long-standing plans for
this past weekend.  I hope I can meet you all next year perhaps, if an
04 gathering materializes.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lee / San Diego

20) From: Nielsen, Dave
Okay, so here's my cut on the Gathering.  What an awesome day!  Mike and
Debi were the perfect hosts, went way beyond the call of duty in every
aspect of the event.  The food was great, the company was wonderful and
the coffee was beyond belief.  My wife, Pat, and I had the best time
getting together with everyone, coffee brought us together but it wasn't
the only thing that kept us there.  A lot of us found out we had a lot
more in common than coffee...
Some of my highlights, besides meeting everyone: a shot of Mike's Vienna
roast Kona melange from Miss Sylvia, that is me and my wife Pat
finishing up the shots in the picture titled P6140030 on Andrew's photo
site, that's me showing my best side, but now you know I'm the one in
the Hawaiian shirt you can pick me out of the other pictures, some of
Oaxaca Charlie's handmade hot chocolate from Mexico, those purple sweet
potatoes and all the rest of the great food.
My wife bought me one of Les' Thor Tampers for a Father's Day gift, they
are beautiful, real craftsmanship in every one.  I should have written
it down at the time, but I guess there was too much going on or I was
just too busy looking at it, but Les if you could send me the names of
the wood you used in that one I would appreciate it, it was the one with
the African something or other wood on the top of the handle.  On the
picture from Andrew's album of all the tampers (P6140025) it is to the
left of center, the lower of the two dark tampers with the
red/orange-ish tops.  A thing of beauty, most excellent.
I'd like to thank everyone for a great afternoon/evening, but most
specifically to Mike and Debi, the Kona King and Queen of Vancouver USA,
for their hospitality and hard work AND Tom and Maria, not only for the
great coffee you sent up, but the variety and quality of greens they
offer us every day.  A true labor of love.  Oops, thanks for sponsoring
the list too, we wouldn't have been there if not for that!
Great food, great company, great coffee and a beautiful day to enjoy
them all!
Thanks everyone,
--Dave - Roasting coffee in Hillsboro, OR

21) From: Chuck Noyes
(At least Les got to go and show off some of his wilder and
exotic Thor Tampers).
I love my wild and exotic Thor Tamper.  I was bummed I couldn't make it
out there and meet its creator.

22) From: Les & Becky
If you could make it you could bring some of those great Maine lobsters!

23) From: miKe mcKoffee

24) From: Ron
Oh Yeah that sounds so good
But for now I'm sipping on cup of Charlie's Pluma roasted full city + in my
recently made gas grill drum roaster,and eating a piece of just made today
(by Elaine), Upside down Pineapple, pecan, oatmeal cake, oh yes its yummy.
We started experimenting with oatmeal ground into flour, because the Elaine
cannot eat wheat. and have come up with some nice tasty dishes.
Home Roasting in SC

25) From: DJ Garcia
I have to say, it's a miracle nobody had a heart attack from all the
caffeine being ingested! Did you get a video of Chef Mike? Would be nice
to have some streaming for entertainment :-). I guess you didn't let
them dismantle the HotTop, a wise move.
As they say, let the good times roll ...
Recovering from the flu, with nothing to do,
but if he had, he'd be unable to.

26) From: Chuck Noyes
"Chuck, If you could make it you could bring some of those great Maine
If I can make it there, I'm sure a few underwater insects could follow.
I wonder what a Zen roasted lobster would taste like?
Oh Goodie!  This means I get to play with dry ice!

27) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 21:05 6/16/2003, Chuck Noyes typed:
What!! You wouldn't bring them live :-O
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalt

28) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 17:38 6/15/2003, AlChemist John typed:
We, Penny, Logan and myself, arrived a little after 10:00, parking next to 
a older car with BC plates and Texas plates.  Must be the right 
place.  After some very hearty and quick introductions Oaxaca Charlie and 
Wandering John helped my unload the car of my Zen roaster, my modified WB 
and various other coffee equipment.  Slightly more sedate introductions 
were continued including but not limited to MM and Debi, Carolyn (wandering 
with John), Kevin (Charlie's son) and I believe Zara and here great 
children.  And lest I forget, Miss Silvia, who showed off by making me a 
very nice PRYS Cafe Crema.  Liquid silk in a glass.  With coffee in hand, 
Wandering John kindly helped me diagnose the short problem with my Zen 
roaster.  It was finally determined that the paint had metal flakes in it 
and conducted. After some further discussion of my roaster, we moved 
onto  Wandering John's Hottop and MM's Frankenformer.  People have said how 
quiet the Hottop is.  Well, let me tell you, it is not quiet "for a 
roaster".  It is quiet.  Absolutely amazing.  And Mike's Frankenformer is 
also a  work of art and function. .  MM starting laying out the 
"snacks".  Smoked salmon, and salmon spreads, salsas, coffee brownies and 
more than I can recall.  I touch later, when MM had a moment I asked if we 
could try something on Miss Silvia.  After an initial NO, and some 
explanation, we proceeded to mortar and pestle up some Mexican chocolate 
and grind some of Charlies Pluma.  We then tamped into the portafilter 
about 10 g of mexican chocolate and 10 g of the coffee, and pulled a long 
shot.  Worrying slightly that we would clog the portafilter, we were 
relived when out came, what I am going to start calling, the first 
Cocoa-Java shot.  Very nice, full and chocolately.  A little too sweet 
(mexacan chocolate is sweetened).  We then tried another shot, premixing 
the chocolate and coffee.  Bad, do not try this at home, locked up 
portafilter.  We surmised that the coffee layer on top saved it the first 
time and that maybe a layer of coffee, chocolate and then coffee would do 
the best.   I realize after this, everything starts just merging into a 
blur of things and I will finish this up tomorrow.....
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalt

29) From: Tom & Maria
Sounds like you all had some great coffee and food -those shishkabobs 
look incredible!
I think the most amazing thing in the photos is Alchemist John's 
roaster -WOW! The mothership has landed. I had no idea! When I see a 
handmade roaster like that I think that the inventiveness and 
creativity of this group is really astounding. Good work, John.
Sorry to hear the blend wasn't too well liked - aged coffee in 
espresso is very peculiar. I'm not sure it exactly suits my taste 
either, but I like to try things that are different nomatter. I was 
getting quite a zesty shot out of it after 18 hours rest that was a 
bit odd, but mellowed into a good aftertaste. I don't think I would 
ever do a blend with aged coffee in it, but it is interesting to 
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
            Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria
		1455 64th Street Emeryville CA 94608

30) From: Ed Needham
Two of my favorite flavors.  Chocolate and coffee.  Yum.

31) From: AlChemist John
Well, too finish up my impression of this get together.  Mostly, oddly 
enough, it was about the people and coffee.  MM was a controlled whirlwind 
being a stunning host, I got to talk a good bit with John Kangas and thank 
him in person for the roaster chamber for my Zen roaster.  If it is now 
common knowledge know, John K. is an amazing welder.  Super even and 
consistent weld seems.  If anyone needs some welding roaster (or other I 
would guess) work done, be sure to drop John a line.  Oaxaca Charlie was a 
wealth of information about Mexico, coffee buying, just how much work 
coffee is and just an all around great guy.  He and Mimi Newhouse (Mark 
Neuhausen's cousin) taught me to the proper pronunciation of Miel (ME-Ale) 
and likewise introduced me to the coffee itself.  Most of the coffee I had 
was via Wandering John's S5K.  Very nice machine and let him not man 
it.  Miss Silvia was of corse great too, but took manning by MM.  In a 
rather odd way, after a few hours and LOTS of caffeine, everyone just 
mellowed out.  Way too soon, dinner came and all I can say is Mike out did 
himself.  Everyone has seen the menu and all I can say is it lived up to 
it.  Likewise, the after dinner Pineapple.......etc cake was 
great.  Eventually, Mike pulled out his Royal and Wandering John his Cona 
and were all watched as each was set up with the same Kona and the vac pots 
"raced" to the end.  Very smooth, rounded pure coffee delight.  Eventually, 
everyone started leaving and heading home or their respective resting 
places.  We made it back to the hotel around 11pm.
The next day I had to visit our host again.  I had forgot to pick up the 
cooler I shipped the goat in.  While there I was offered and just could not 
turn down and ISH Americano.  Very nice with some great flavors as it 
cooled.  I got to say a final goodbye to Oaxaca Charlie who was kind enough 
to give me some of his Mexican Chocolate (thanks again), and Full City 
roasted Pluma.  I talked MM out of the final bottle of goat milk road 
warrior and hit the road.  We then had a great lunch with Wandering John 
and Carolyn and then headed home.
Hopefully we all get to do this again and maybe consider more than one day.
Hear is to everyone (lifting my cup)
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalt

32) From: Lowe, David
Just getting back to the homeroast list and want to add my thanks to =
Mike and Debi for hosting a fantastic time. Mike is truly a great chef, =
resulting in great coffee and food! I really don't know how the two of =
you did it; it'll take days for you to recover.
It was great to meet people, put faces to names and just spend time =
talking about coffee and everything else. It was a truly great time.
Drinking some CR Miel roasted in John's HotTop.
Dave Lowe

33) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 17:36 6/17/2003, Tom & Maria typed:
As you saw, it was wonderful and you were missed.
Thanks, that means a lot.
I think it has something to do with just how much work was originally put 
into your Monkey blend.  I really wanted to like it, but I think part of it 
could have been the extended time from roast (4-5 days as you said), and 
possibly not hitting the blends "sweet spot".  Granted, I tend to roast 
lighter a lot of people, I wonder how it would have been just to 2nd, 
instead of well into it.
Regardless, your generosity was overwhelming.
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalt

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