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Topic: New Thor Tamper (6 msgs / 121 lines)
1) From: Andrew Thomas
Got my new tamper today from Les! It is way gorgeous. The handle is Hawaiian koa*, base is Nigerian ebony with a lignum vitae tamping surface. I fired up the espresso machine right away to give it a try. Seems to me the shots even taste a little better. Must be true. Can't be my imagination because I don't have one (so I've been told).
*The koa is a dark honey color that takes on a sort of translucence when polished, giving the illusion that you can actully see into the grain and not just the surface.
Thanks, Les. Excellent work.
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2) From: Les & Becky
You forgot to tell them that you supplied the Koa!  Folks, I just don't have
any Koa that is big enough for tampers and it is impossible to get!  I will
continue to look for it, as it does make a nice looking tamper.  I am glad
you are enjoying your tamper!  Thanks for the complement.
Roasting and turning tampers in S. Oregon

3) From: miKe mcKoffee

4) From: Rich Adams
Featuring the first all pink ivory Thor Tamper custom made:http://home.kc.rr.com/richadams/PinkIvory.jpgAwesome looking eh?
On it's way to join it's partner, the copper and brass Micro Leva.
They should look good together.
Rich Adams

5) From: miKe mcKoffee

6) From: Nielsen, Dave
Oh man, I'm jealous.  My wife bought me on of Les' Thor Tampers with a
pink ivory handle top.  He does great work and that pink ivory is
--Dave - Roasting in Hillsboro, OR

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