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Topic: Odd Roast with an Alp and Malabar Gold (7 msgs / 151 lines)
1) From: Dan Piette
Had the oddest roast this morning. To see pictures go here:http://www.geocities.com/piettewtnet/oddroast.html,but the long and short
of it is that I roasted to the full extent of the Alp's roasting time, and
ended up with ten unroasted beans!
Any ideas?

2) From: Monty Harris
Full extent?
And that's as dark as it got?
I don't have an Alp, I have the Hearthware Std. but if I were to roast to
the full extent I'd end up with charcoal. By the looks of the uneven roast
you have in the picture I'd say you Alp is hosed.  I have to admit the
white beans are a mystery to me.  I've never seen that color before, raw or
Curious Monty
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3) From: Todd Smith
Are you sure that you didn't spill those 10 beans into the collection cup
when inserting the drum into the Alp?

4) From: floyd burton
Have not roasted Malabar Gold with an Alp but have had similar results with
other beans and a HWP.  Prehaps not as dramatic as your results but I think
it is the beans.  How did the resultant roast taste-don't remember which
beans I had similar results with (Yemeni I think) but do remember it made a
great cup of coffee.
thanks for sharing our trip pics-hope to do the same in my spare time.

5) From: Dan Piette
As I said, I had a regular roast about an hour before this odd one, and
everything worked fine.
The other time the roast went the full length it looked as if I had bought
the beans at Starbucks.
The color is the color of the Malabar gold blend. I think that there are
some monsooned beans in there...

6) From: Dan Piette
Nope. I load the drum vertically, and all the beans are in the end when I
insert it into the trace.

7) From: Michael Vanecek
At times during agitation I've had a few lighter beans pop out into the
collection tray before the roast finished - I usually pick them out when
I put them in the colander for cooling. However, unless you were
roasting in the Arctic outside or without the collection tray or with
the cover open, you've probably got a problem. I'll wager the computer
flipped out on this roast. If it continues on other roasts then it's
fried. One of my Alps lost it's computer completely - it only shows 1
now. Swissmar has a replacement on the way, but luckily I've got a
backup already so I'm not panicking... Roast another batch and see if it
Dan Piette wrote:

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