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Topic: 5 amp variac (9 msgs / 165 lines)
1) From: stephen rouse
i got a 5 amp model (KRM) that came with two fuses to make it a 15 
amp model. it sounded a little iffy, but it was only 55 bucks.http://coffeebeancorral.com/detail.asp?product_idR590a quote from the site:
'after extensive testing *(read my complete report)* I decided to 
make the smaller Variac available to everyone.   We include two 15 
amp fuses (Cooper/Bussman 504-GMA-15) in the box, which you will have 
to put in when you get it.
If you're willing to take a calculated risk and save some money, this 
is the unit for you.'
interestingly, the 'read my complete report' link is broken. :)
the unit has worked well so far.
they also have to 20A unit for 110 bucks.

2) From: John Abbott
On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 17:55, stephen rouse wrote:

3) From: miKe mcKoffee

4) From: Randy Roy
I thought the rule was not to post a competitor site if Sweet Maria's
carried the item in question.  Since Tom does not sell variacs, it should be
OK.   I know for a fact that others in this group have done this in the
John Abbott wrote:

5) From: gp
I think the deal is if a place sells greens no posting.
Hey, we have all done it ourselves, don't worry. I have found just replying
off list is best for these things.

6) From: John Abbott
And -I- should have sent my note off list - Sorry!
John - looking humble
On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 19:16, gp wrote:

7) From: Rich Adams

8) From: Rick Farris
BZZZZZZT!  Thank you for playing, but you're wrong.
Tom doesn't sell variacs, but the other vendor *does* sell green coffee.
That's the rule. That's what makes it a "competitor" site.
On the other hand, WebTronics (www.web-tronics.com) sells variacs
cheaper than the other guy and even throws in a free DVM for measuring
the output.
-- Rick

9) From: stephen rouse
oops! sorry about that.
i pulled that page up with a google search and didn't pay any 
attention to the fact that the company sold greens. guess the name 
should have clued me in, eh?
i'll pay closer attention next time.
tom: sell variacs!
think of the bandwidth that could have been saved! :)

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