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Topic: New Caffe Rosto - won't do dark roasts (9 msgs / 241 lines)
1) From: Larry / Pam Fortmuller
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Just received a new Cafe Rosto in the last few weeks.  Despite trying =
different beans, different weights of beans and even different outlet =
voltages, I can only get the Rosto to reach "almost" Full City by going =
22 minutes plus.  I varied the beans from 4.0 to 5.8 Oz.  I tried =
voltages from 110v to 120v by hunting down outlets in my home.  It =
achieved degrees of roast time far longer than indicated it should in =
the manual and I would never be able to get an Italian roast out of it.  =
Although I am new at this, I have made careful notes and tried to =
control all the variables I can.  Rumors on the net indicate that this =
newer model may have this problem.  Can anyone offer suggestions or =
verification that there is an issue? 

2) From: Peter Barnes
If I don't do the following things, I don't really hit second crack...
1.  I warm up the Rosto for 2-3 minutes before putting the beans in
2.  I don't measure the beans, but simply pour them in until there is 
only the slightest hint of movement.
I usually am reaching 2nd crack at around 9 minutes with this.
And this method *definitely* requires a little Rosto rock n' roll.
Larry / Pam Fortmuller wrote:

3) From: Jim Schulman
Sounds like a classic stalled roast. A thermostat 
(not the thermal link) may be set too low.
On 29 Jun 2003 at 19:50, Larry / Pam Fortmuller wrote:

4) From: sippin
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This is exactly the way my first one worked.  I had got it through SM =
and it was replaced, although I can't remember if  it was actually =
through SM or through Brightway. The replacement worked for a couple of =
months maybe and then quit altogether - - - see previous posts. 
I have just looked through my old emails and it appears to have gone =
something like this.
Got the Rosto about 11/11, emailed SM that it didn't work.  they tried =
to get RMA# from Brightway but were unable to contact him so they sent =
me a new one about 11/26/02. On 1/22/03 I emailed Brightway that it had =
stopped working - no heat at all. No response from Brightway. Emailed =
Brightway again on 2/4/03 and got a sameday response from Steve, =
apologizing and referenceing a virus affecting ISPs and creating mail =
problems at the time I first wrote,  I had no problem with that, having =
some vague recollection ofthat problem. Got an RMA# and being the ace =
procrastinator I am sent the machine out about 2/22 and saw that it got =
there at 2/26/03. Still haven't heard anything from Brightway yet. I =
only know what I've read here.  
As for suggestions.  I don't really know what I'd do at this point.  I =
know I really like the Rosto, and I want it here and working.  ????

5) From: Peter Barnes
I think this is indeed the root cause of the problem.  When I received 
my machine back from Brightway about a month ago, I noticed right away 
that the Rosto had a harder time getting to 2nd crack than it did 
previously.  My problem originally was a broken heating coil.  I'm 
guessing they replaced the coil, and lowered the thermostat setting, in 
order to protect against the thermal fuse breaking.  This recent issue 
has me saving for a variac and learning how to split wire the Rosto, so 
I can have more control over the individual roasts.  In the meantime, 
preheating, overfilling, and rocking the Rosto has worked for me.
Jim Schulman wrote:

6) From: miKe mcKoffee

7) From: Jim Schulman
On 29 Jun 2003 at 20:49, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
That's how I feel about the "improved" FR. 
Fortunately, that's only the roast chamber's base.

8) From: Dane Latham
I dont know much, but I do know that my Rosto (240volt as im in
Australia) cant get second crack, actually rephrase that, wont reach 2nd
crack in 20 minutes or so at which point i gave up...
My solution, after trying various methods, was simple - I have a large
stainless steel collander that i use to recirculate the hot air from the
exhaust bach down towards the underside of the machine...
I find this method works best with the collander propped against
something about 15cm (6 inches) away from the rosto and it has to be
carefully adjusted to ensure that warm, not too hot, air is sucked back
into the machine... 
Originally i tried lots of variations including having the collander
almost touching the exhaust, but this just makes all the plastic parts
of the machine get too hot for my liking (and the knob actually vibrated
off due to heat expansion i suppose)
I cant reccomend this method for all, but I reckon I have done maybe 50
or so roasts over a few months via this method and havent had any
problems so far. Bear in mind it is a different machine due to the
voltages involved but worth noting all the same.
I would have sent my machine back, but the place i bought it from.. I
dont think they would understand somehow - so long as there is a noise
when you turn the machine on im sure they would say its working :o)
Dane Latham
Dane Latham

9) From: Paulo
Hi, have had my Rosto for about 5 months now, so still quite new to it all.
Live in Oz too. I had no problems with reaching 2 crack until mid-Autumn
when roast times started getting longer and longer. I couldn't work it out.
Had the room warmed up to a nice ambient temp of about 23degC which helped a
little. But not enough let me get to 2nd Crack within 20 minutes.
I realised it was the fact that I was roasting on the floor. The Rosto inlet
was sucking in the cool air (13degC) from under the door.
I now roast in the garage where it's always a cold 12degC. I put the Rosto
in a low open box (60cmX90cm). Can get to 2nd well under 10 minutes if I
wanted to now. The ambient temp in the base of the box gets to about 25degC
by the end of the roast. A small 15cm square flap at the base of one side of
the box lets me slow the roast down to about 15 minutes. It's not a
variac..but works really well. Will have to look at a Variac for the summer

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