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Topic: 20 pounder & cats & Aged Sumatra (9 msgs / 137 lines)
1) From: drg
  I received my latest order including a 20 pound bag of Monkey Blend.  The
20 pound bag is an impressive sight. It looks like it is much more than four
five pound bags.  I also got a pound of Aged Sumatra Pwani Mandheling.  One
of the cats chewed open a corner of the bag and at least a half an ounce is
gone.  Since we have twelve cats, I have no idea which one(s) ate the beans.
Must be a good sign though.
  Jim Gundlach
    roasting over wood
      and welding chain saw chains - oops - off topic 

2) From: Hugh Solaas
From: "drg": (snip)  Since we have twelve cats, I have no idea which one(s)
ate the beans.
Jim, you've got to start feeding your cats!

3) From: floyd burton
You can easily identify the culprit-it will be the one bouncing off the
walls and acting very frisky-remember the story about how the goat herd in
Ethopia was supposed to have discovered coffee by observing the behavior of
his goats after having eaten the sacred bean.
Have a friend with 10 cats whom I got to start roasting his own coffee from
SM-he too really likes Monkey Blend-hmmmm-must be a connection.

4) From: David Waterfill

5) From: Monty Harris
Well this brings up a question:
Isn't there a coffee in Asia that is supposed to be re-claimed from
squirrel poop?  A friend from Vietnam once gave e a cup of bad coffee that
he claimed was the best coffee you could get because of the way the
squirrels had processed the beans.  He called it squirrel sh?t coffee.
Time to start digging through the litter box!
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6) From: Glen Sutherland
We really need to make a FAQ.
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7) From: t
Not a squirrel, but close.
My girlfriend always teazes me about getting some luwak coffee...
Now there is a job I want to have, reclaiming the coffee beans...
Monty Harris wrote:

8) From: Monty Harris
No wonder I couldn't find info on the subject!  Never heard of a luwak.
A quick search turned up a bunch of hits, such as:http://www.fonz.org/zoogoer/zg1996/luwak.htm/monty
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9) From: Thom Underwood
Thanks for the jump to that sight.  There were several interesting articles
Regards - Thom

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