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Topic: a lot to ask of a small business (6 msgs / 180 lines)
1) From: gin
not be a burden on Tom and Maria.<<<
my guess is that the reason they (SM) put the links for these charities on
their website is so that we are aware they exist and can donate if we wish.
thinking it over it seems that if we want to donate we should, why make
someone else responsible for what we want to donate simply because it is
writing a check for a "cause" can be a real pain in the ass for a business,
the feebs look even closer since they know you are trying to screw them,
i don't remember where this originally came from but perhaps that individual
could stepup and setup a trust for such donations that we as members of SM
could send funds to.

2) From: Lowe, David
If you go to the Coffee Kids web site you can donate on line with your credit card, I suspect the same is true for all of the other charities that SM has links to at the bottom of their home page. A few extra clicks after you place your SM order will only be a little extra effort.
Dave Lowe

3) From: HeatGunRoast
--- gin  wrote:
why make
This feels like a harsh judgement.  
Maybe it would be a pain.  Maybe not.  Don't know about the screwing.
Well, maybe that's needed and we could help it happen. This is all quite
Does this mean that if you had the option you would use it to contribute?
  In the two emails I wrote, I tried to be respectful of SM's time and hassles; it
was on my mind just as it is on yours. If this is something that Tom and Maria want
to take on, we'll have to hear from them.  And, of course, a simple "sorry,
guys---just don't have the time for this" would be well understood.  There are
certainly no expectations of them.
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4) From: HeatGunRoast
--- "Lowe, David"  wrote:
Absolutely correct, Dave.  Just a few extra clicks.  I can only speak for
myself--describe myself--not others.  If it turns out that I am absolutely unique in
my charitable life, I expect the list will write me off as irrelevant (at best) on
this matter.  But if it happens that as easy as it is to make those few extra
clicks, some others among us don't do it as often or as generously as we'd like,
maybe an idea that makes it easy and routine to give a modest donation would be
Further, I see an "added value" to donations collected in this way.  The donations
would come from all of us, as a community-----which I see as a far more powerful
statement and action than viewing support for a cause as something that individuals
do alone.  Again, it's a matter of perspective.  Some will agree.  Some not.
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5) From: gin
To answer all, I did not mean to be negative or make a judgment, sorry if
you felt I did.
Yes, I would contribute for/through SM before another cause since my wish is
that Tom/Maria would send it to the place that needed it most and they would
most likely know.
As far as the screwing goes the IRS thinks we all screw them, they look with
unnecessary glasses at small business who make donations, that was my only
point. Different topic, different day, wrong place for my soapbox.
I would be willing to help make this happen in any way I could providing it
does not cause a conflict or problem for SNM..

6) From: Lowe, David
I agree on both points, I was simply pointing out the alternative that is currently available to us. 
We all, I suspect, find ourselves "victims" of our good intentions at least some of the time: not doing the good thing we intend because we are "too busy" at the moment and some how don't get back to it. And, though I didn't think of it myself, I do agree that there would be greater strength to the statement that our collective contributions would make. If Tom & Maria are willing it certainly is their prerogative. 
Dave Lowe

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