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Topic: "stinky hell" was +COFFEE ??? (10 msgs / 369 lines)
1) From: gin
oh shit....................

2) From: gin
what is your issue here? You make it sound as though everyother word I use
is shit! It's not. I was responding to older posts.
Read all and you will discover the world.

3) From: miKe mcKoffee

4) From: john roberts
        Homer Simpson

5) From: gin
well said MM,

6) From: John F Coffey
Nice quotes mike !!
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7) From: joshm
Following Mike's great list of quotes:
Some of the real good ones were from "Unknown"...
I guess his refined language kept him from getting good media coverage;-(
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8) From: Angelo
When I first read Dale's obnoxious condemnation of gin's FILTHY and 
DISGUSTING speech, I was so offended by it(Dale's) that I started to write 
a reply, but I bridled my speech lest I profane the sacredness of the OT 
rule. But now that this has become a thread of such pomposity and 
sanctimonious BS (can I say that?), I feel that I can't control my tongue 
any longer.  -well, I can but I won't :-).
The terrible word that gin used, I will venture to say, has been used by 
most of us at least once in our lifetimes in many of it's linguistic forms 
(cf. George Carlin's monologue on this). Hell (oops!), I'm willing to bet 
JC even said the Aramaic equivalent of it a couple of times when he banged 
his finger with a hammer. He was, after all, a carpenter., and things like 
that happen.If we haven't used it, we have certainly heard it. It's not a 
big deal...
I seem to remember a long "tee-hee"thread about the origin of the word 
"crap"... Not one message of protest from Dale, who claims to read every 
message...Was that maybe because most (if not ALL) of the participants in 
that thread were male? Hmmmm... a little Victorian sexism, here?
None of you high-minded individuals seemed to notice what I consider a much 
more offensive line from Dale's remarks..
"> Gin, I write your in in the effort to stop your language on the list"
"Stop your language"..!!! This doesn't bother anyone? He wants to control 
another's speech on the list and you good people think that this is 
OK...(smh). I value what's still left of the First amendment and I won't 
sit quietly while it gets trashed further in this venue...
You might also look up the definition of "profanity"...Way at the bottom 
(can I say that?) of the list of accepted definitions is "coarseness", 
which I think is the one you want...
I seriously doubt that gin "intentionally" meant to offend Dale, or the 
other thin-skinned individuals on the list.... And, wouldn't it be up to 
Tom to admonish gin? Who made you gentlemen the Enforcers of the Code?
Quote from a politician, slave owner and soldier(whose business is 
killing). I'm sure George never said, THE word, nor heard it said by anyone 
in his army...:-)
Politician...Lawyer   I'm willing to bet old Cicero did the "pull my 
finger" bit a couple of times in his day.
Good advice..Says nothing about cussin'.
However, Bill had a lot of advice on seducing women, but let's not go 
Politician  Admits the difficulty in bridling... Boy, is he right!
So, a mute has no soul???
Well, this is a sterling person to quote...check it out...http://www.mkheritage.co.uk/cnm/htmlpages/cowperbiog1.htmlA parasite, who attempted suicide three times....I've gotta get more 
inspiration from him!
snip...more of the same
Maybe a plonk is a better way of dealing with this. I think  being plonked 
is much more preferable to being the subject of an attempted public 
Of course Dale, and you, could have sent an off-list "recommendation" to 
gin, but then we wouldn't have been exposed to the "fragile sensitivity" of 
some of the people on the list. So, we back up our "feelings"with quotes 
from a bunch of politicians -whom we all know to be the paragons of virtue 
and morality- (er, that was sarcastic, folks) and a couple of hack 
preachers, who have issues of their own....
And, yes, I could have responded off list, but since this became so public, 
what with the brining in of the "big guns" I chose to reply in kind...
The only responsibility is to not willfully cause damage or harm...There 
was no harm in gin's "word" except to the egoes of the List Polizei, who 
need very little to incite their desire for control...
Respect is in the eye of the respected...No one can disrespect you if you 
don't already feel that way about yourself.....Get over it...
Time to get back to coffee..... I have a new thread..What's the crappiest 
cup of coffee you've ever had?
Ciao bello,

9) From: gin
what is so funny is that it was only a joke relating to an older post that
popped up again...
free speeck lives on the West Coast, Souther West Coast that is!!

10) From: John Blumel
On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:56:36 -0400, Angelo wrote:
Like Angelo, I too have been bridling my speech, after recently
venturing too far into the abyss of OT. However, now that Angelo's
tongue is loose, I will go on record as entirely agreeing with his
post. Actually, I'm glad I restrained myself because I think he said it
better than ever I could have.
(On a personal note, I've always considered good cursing to be a fine
art and would be very disappointed to see it go out of fashion before I
master it. There's really so much to learn -- especially when you
consider all the interesting regional variations.)
The crappiest cup of coffee I ever had was a cup of decaf I ordered at
a Bennigans shortly before I started roasting. They served me instant
-- there were actually a couple of 'crystals' on the saucer -- without
warning. Besides other nasty flavors, which I did not strive to
identify, it tasted heavily burnt (not sure how they managed that with
instant) and no amount of milk and sugar was able to make it drinkable.
John Blumel

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