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Topic: unprecedented rocky problem? (9 msgs / 187 lines)
1) From: Jim Karavias
Well - just got the second replacement upper burr plate in the mail.  It
doesn't fit either.  I'm not so challenged that I cant screw together two
threaded pieces of pipe so I just can't believe that its a crossthreading
problem - I mean, I used to mount large format lenses without any trouble at
Anyway my question to you rocky owners is whether or not their is
significant resistance to the upper burr plate turning when you're turning
it by hand without the mechanical advantage of having the hopper attached.
I'm assuming I should be able to attach the upper burr plate without needing
any additional leverage besides what I can apply by hand.

2) From: Mike Gallant
	Once I got it started, mine always spun in easily.
	Where are you located? If you're near San Jose,CA, I'd be happy to do a
little Rocky "mix and matching" to try to figure out where your problem is.
Mike Gallant

3) From: Jim Karavias
Mike - I'm not far.  Mill Valley, CA
Here's a question for you that might put this whole thing to bed.  With the
lid off, if you have the gring adjusted to about 15, grab the upper edge of
the hopper and push and pull it back and forth.  Does it rock back and forth
about 1/4 inch?

4) From: jim gundlach
    Where are you located?  This sounds like you need another Rocky to 
check the parts and your base against?
Jim Gundlach
La Place, Alabama
On Friday, August 1, 2003, at 06:34  PM, Jim Karavias wrote:

5) From: Jim Karavias
Hi Jim,
Mike Gallant generously offered to do that with me.  I'm in the San
Francisco Bay area, just north of the GG Bridge.  I'm beginning to wonder if
I'm over-reacting to the original problem, which was what I thought was
significant play in the burr plate threads, but I don't see how I could
expect a reasonably consistent grind when I can see the upper burr
plate/hopper assembly jumping around while the grinder is operating.
I've seen two other complaints about this.  My retailer is being very
patient but says they've never seen a situation where burr plates weren't
oh well....

6) From: jim gundlach
It is good someone else did, I'm just a tad under 2,600 miles down the 
Jim Gundlach
On Friday, August 1, 2003, at 07:40  PM, Jim Karavias wrote:

7) From: Jim Karavias
might be worth the trip considering the coffee I'm likely to be offered :-)
I know its a poor craftsman that blames his tools, but I've been unable to
get a consistent shot out of my La Pavoni.  I'd really like to eliminate the
grinder as a variable.

8) From: Ken Parker
Jim - Hi neighbor. I live in Mill Valley and I have a Rocky. You're more
than welcome to look at mine. If you wish, send me an email:
ken I'm also in the phone book.
Ken Parker

9) From: Angelo
You assume correctly. It should be  very easy once the upper is started on 
the lower. I remember reading on alt.coffee about people finding metal 
shavings around the burrs. Perhaps a closer inspection would show that the 
threads aren't as junk free as you might have thought....
Another possibility, which I sweated out as I awaited my burr replacement, 
was that the lower burr is the culprit. Since you've gone through two 
replacements already, I would start looking in that direction. If you could 
try your new burr on a Rocky that is known to work correctly(like Mike's), 
you might find the answer.
If it is the lower burr, I'm  you're going to have to have the dealer fix 
the whole thing. I wouldn't try to do it myself....
Good Luck,
At 8/1/2003 07:34 PM, you wrote:

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