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Topic: 8 days of Press, no Silvia oh no! (6 msgs / 176 lines)
1) From: miKe mcKoffee
Back from our first vacation in many years I didn't bring my laptop. (much
to Debi's delight) Eight days later and *only* 317 list posts waiting Monday
evening. Yesterday too busy recovering and roasting to post. Recovering from
7 straight full 8-10hr days in the sun and sand flying kites. Doesn't sound
like work you say? Well, yes & no. Usually spend about 3 hours setting up
ground and air displays then dinking around and another 2 hours tear down
each day. But kites, big deal. While ours aren't the super big, just big,
display kites I'll just say I use 1000# test on my main lifters. (broke 250#
line last year on one of my smaller so switched it to 500# and upgraded my
bigger ones from 500 to 1k to be safe.)
Ah coffee. Decided not to bring the Turkish Zass since I brew at least two
32oz press pots each morning and sometimes more for others at the breakfast
table at the Shelburne Inn. Didn't want to take that much time manual
grinding. So Rocky goes takes his first road trip! Also didn't bring
FrankenFormer Rosto roasting gear since the Pathfinder was so stuffed we had
to leave some kites behind. Brought a dozen vac sealed pint jars filled with
what I roasted the day before we left and our old vac sealer to re-vac after
each pot. (only 6 of the 12 jars were assorted Konas, including the KBM:)
Good news, Debi says next year we WILL have a way to brew on the beach,
either a small camp stove to heat water or an inverter.
Interesting note. Each morning when we go out to breakfast (always a half
dozen gourmet selections at this Internationally renowned B&B) I take a cup
of our breakfast press pot into David (Inn owner and very good chef). I've
sent him roasted coffee a number of times and last February we even spent an
afternoon roasting a bunch of 1/3# batches for him when I took Frankie to
the Coast. Anyway, he commented he can never get his press pots of my coffee
to taste as good I when I make it. I knew the problem immediately, he's
using a whirly chop at home! We discussed the importance of even grind for
even extraction etc. until he got reminded he had others waiting for their
breakfasts! (I believe I had a smoked chinook salmon frittata, baby red
taters, cranberry bread, fresh fruits and a side of croissant stuffed french
toast with a wild berry and nut glaze that morning.) I'm seriously
considering bringing Miss Silvia next year. After David tastes a Cafe' Crema
he'll be ruined for life!
I'll cut this short (yeah right) for now...
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
MCSE (Maniacal Coffee Systems Engineer/Enthusiast;-)
URL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer etc.http://mdmint.home.comcast.net/coffee/Rosto_mod.htm

2) From: Jim Schulman
On 27 Aug 2003 at 17:49, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
Welcome back; great report.

3) From: Marty Wooten
Sounds like you had a good time. Glad to have you back.
Marty Wooten
phone 765-741-3130 fax 765-741-3135
1403 S. Liberty St.
Muncie, In 47305

4) From: gin
Well MM:
I must admit that it's nice to have you back!
love ya dude,

5) From: Lowe, David
Glad to have you back, sounds like a great trip.
Dave Lowe

6) From: Angelo
Mike, because i don't have the Foodsaver machine, but i do have a few 
cannisters, i just use a section of hose meant for aquarium pumps and suck 
the air out. It works fine. It's pretty impossible to pull the jars apart.
This could save you some space for more coffee, instead of bringing the 
machine...It only takes a few seconds.

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