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Topic: new source for greens (8 msgs / 174 lines)
1) From: gin
Fresh Alfalfa, call 1800 bun fuck usa

2) From: miKe mcKoffee

3) From: Ed Needham
...and by the subject line, I thought you were going to be inappropriate 

4) From: gin
gee Mike, why not use my email list as well?
I am sure that all of these folks are really interested how offended you can

5) From: Angelo
Wahhh!!! My name wasn't in the list!! I feel slighted....I want an apology!
But seriously, I've been through that town and it is quite pretty. Very 
pastoral with rolling fields of alfalfa as far as the eye can see....
I didn't know they had an 800 number, though...
Thanks for the head's up.....
Back on topic...has anyone roasted alfalfa seeds?

6) From: Rick Farris
Be glad you're not.  Those folks are in for some *serious* spam!
-- Rick

7) From: gin
very funny, I can always count on you!

8) From: gin
that was the list of the Mike sent or cc'd when he wrote the letter to tom
and marai...
my note went out as a regular post to the list, no cc'd folks

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