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1) From: Fookoo Network
What is the current story with the new, upcoming Hearthware > 3 oz roasting 
capacity?   Is there any story?   I would suppose an 8 oz capacity?  The 
acid question will be how it compares to the Alpenrost and at what 
price.  Although the HWP is more than reasonable in cost and mine seems to 
be holding up so far at 300+ roasts with the one year mark rapidly 
approaching, it would be a lot easier to have something that roasted in 
larger batches, as in 8 oz.
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2) From: aryaniam
Any fluid-bed roaster (e.g. Hearthware) would have to be enormous to handle
an 8 oz. capacity similar to the Alp.  This is because the fluid-bed types
operate by suspending the coffee in a 'bed' of hot air.  To sustain 2.5
times that volume in weight would require an enormous motor and subsequent
hot air chamber.
The other major difference here would be the brighter tone v. the mellow
roast difference.  Fluid-bed typically roast faster, yielding brighter tones
yet not as mellow or smooth roasts as do the drum-types (e.g. Alp.).  The
fluid-bed roasters also get more consistent and even roasts.  Not so with
the Alp, due to drum action.
My Alp produces the mellow coffee that I typically enjoy from fine
restaurants.  If any fluid-bed can suspend 8 oz. of green beans, that's a
machine I would love to see for the future.

3) From: Gary Zimmerman
aryaniam wrote:
Heh heh heh.  Guess you don't know Ted "master tinkerer" Simpson...
This is his roaster.  I think it has something like a half-pound capacity.
Of course, you can't buy one.http://personal.lig.bellsouth.net/lig/t/n/tnjsimp/1%20VR%20MK6%20%20FIG%201.jpg-- garyZ
        & vacuum
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4) From: Ed Needham
I think an 8oz. plus roaster would be within reason if it used a design
similar to the Precision.  The Precision is not truly a fluid bed roaster,
since it rotates the coffee by shooting the beans up into the central
deflector cone rather than floating them on a bed of air.
I've modified my Precision to roast 5 1/2 oz. of beans at a time by
extending the central deflector 3/4" higher than designed and removing the
washer (which covered some of the central air holes) at the base of the
deflector rod, which allowed greater air flow.  I'm not totally happy with
the results and have for the moment changed it back until another
inspiration hits me. But it does roast larger batches of coffee than the
design standard 3 oz.
Problems were:
    -beans occasionally stopping their circulation
    -roasts being more uneven than with the standard setup
    -greater variation in roasts with different types of beans
    -less chaff is blown off the beans
    -for some reason, the hi/low fan speed would never kick in to the high
mode until      the cooling cycle
Plusses include:
    -larger batch size, up to 6 1/2 oz. (5 to 5 1/2 oz. is optimum) with
'some' bean types.
    -a longer roast time, allowing for a mellower cup with some types of
Like I said, I was not totally happy with the modification and may find
workarounds to allow the larger batch roasts in the future.  I've considered
using the 'hotter' resistor modification to increase the heat and maybe get
the thing to cycle hi and low.  I've also considered drilling larger intake
holes and installing an air baffle to be able to control the air flow,
similar to the Melitta AromaRoast (bless it's dusty little stored away
heart).  I've also considered making more holes on the perimeter of the
existing holes to allow more airflow, but don't want to do something so
permanent quite yet.  I wish I had a spare top portion to destroy with my
experiments .
Ed Needham

5) From: Tom & Maria
Well, as you may know I tested a supposed 8 oz roaster a while back. It
couldnt roast 8 oz, it couldnt roast 4 oz, ...it couldnt even roast 3 oz
evenly. Unbelievable. I think it was the Caffe Rosto. It did have a nice
sturdy feel but chaff collection was poor ..it relied on rubber seals that
were not properly made and would be very hard to keep/maintain. This is
where the Freshroast is brilliant: relying on no seals, but simply gravity.
But I thnik maybe this is the 8 oz roaster you might be thinking of?
The modifications below sound brilliant! 5.5 oz in a Hearthware! But I
think with larger designs you run into a problem: you really need 220 volt
output from a burner to put enough heat into the system considering the
larger air volume needed to agitate a larger batch. Thats why the HW design
*might* be able to roast more whereas a true fluid bed would have to
pracitcally have gas burner BTU output to roast more.
BTW I am trying to find time to install the 1 Lb natural gas Coffee
Kinetics roaster in the shop. As you may know I tested out the Propane and
basically liked it, but wanted the natural gas in the end. its a beauty,
but its been very frustrating having it sit there for 2 weeks and being so
busy I dont have 10 minutes to think about how I am going to plumb it in
and vent it...
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6) From: DonaldO763
Ed - 
at the Hearthware web site, they sell replacement parts, you may be able to 
get what you need there.

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