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Topic: The case against inferior green. (13 msgs / 321 lines)
1) From: Ben Treichel
Hey All,
I have a small roaster down the street from me and bought some house 
blend because I've been to busy to roast. :-[   I know that this coffee 
is less than a week old, appears to be just past 1st crack in roast. Its 
a 80% Colombian Supremo, and 20% Sumatra. The owners use a java master 
with a stop setpoint on temperature, and roast for about the low/mid 
teen minutes.
The coffee produces as good as crema as any other, with only a little 
less tiger striping than I normally get. However, the coffee tastes dull 
and lifeless. I am no sumatran master, but I did go through 5lbs of Toms 
Supremo that he declared acceptable; that was used for gatherings with 
non-coffee people.
That supremo was better than this blend boosted with the sumatran. I 
talk to the people and they are nice and friendly and have no idea of 
where their coffee comes from other than from their broker, and that it 
is Colombian, or kenya AA, etc.
Just goes to show you, that we are not just buying green from Tom, but 
also his expertise each time we buy coffee.

2) From: Steve McKinney
A similar story:
I went to the Nascore show here in Portland, OR a couple of weeks ago and
attended a 'seminar' called 'Is Roasting in a Retail Environment Right For
You' put on by Ambex Coffee Roasters, primarily because I wanted to see one
of their roasters in action.  Their example roast was a Colombian Supremo,
and when they talked about cost control / pricing / profits, the green price
per pound they used struck me as too low to be good.  Afterwards I asked if
I could have a sample of the roasted coffee to check out.  Looked to be a
darkish City roast, nice and even.  After resting it for a day, I decided to
try some, full expecting to be unimpressed.  Sure enough, it was as dull and
lifeless as the blend Ben described, and yet I have no doubt that the
roaster -- their YM2 model, which seemed like a good product -- would have
produced excellent results given quality green.  Which makes me wonder, how
can small roasters, just getting into the business, get by without someone
like Tom to pick out the best of the best for them?

3) From: Ken Mary
Where does the roaster draw the line on more expensive beans when most of
his customers cannot tell the difference or do not even care? OTOH, with a
little more study and sample cupping, he may find much better beans at the
same price.
He declared Tom's Colombian supremo *acceptable*??? Maybe it is the roaster
who does not care, instead of the customer.

4) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Steve McKinney  wrote:
 > Sure enough, it
 It's hard. Most find a broker who seems simpatico and just ask
for what he/she thinks is best, and then it's so easy to just
stick with that broker. I buy greens from Tom to compare with
comercial samples. It's much more hassle chasing down similar
quality stuff from various brokers all over the place, and you
have to trust your judgement. Tasting what Tom thinks is the
best is a great help.  No one bean dealer has it all. Shipping
is more of an expense when getting 2 sacks from one broker and 3
from another and so on, but that's what Tom does, or any roaster
who's seriously fussy.
Brick Oven Roasting in British Columbia
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5) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Ken Mary  wrote:
 It's often a difference of 50 cents a lb., and a lot of
cupping. That 50 cents lb. only matters, profit wise, if you're
selling thousands of lbs a week. If we're talking about Kona, or
JBM, well then you need some pretty well heeled customers, and
should still go for the best of those origins. The only possible
way I can compete with the highly capitalized "micro-roasters"
around here is to buy better beans and roast them the way they
should be roasted ,instead of just going through the usual
motions.(high production roaster, fancy bags, cheap,- although
"specialty"- beans, etc.) 
Brick Oven Roasting in British Columbia
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6) From: Ben Treichel
The point is that I can notice, and the 'extra' service that Tom 
supplies is of value to me.
Ken Mary wrote:

7) From: javafool
I think Maria also has a lot to do with the 'extra' service we all receive
from Sweetmarias. She works quietly with Tom making this whole thing come
Thanks sweet Maria and Tom!

8) From: Rick W
Agree with you 1000% Ben.  This is the "magic" of Sweet Marias.  Sort of
like the old Greyhound Bus ads, "you leave the buying to Tom".  It's
scary sometimes, but I feel that Tom's reviews track so well with my own
interests that I've come to totally trust them.  
Rick Waits 

9) From: miKe mcKoffee

10) From: Jim Schulman
On 26 Sep 2003 at 14:59, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
I have some of last year's Flor from Intelligentsia (it's their 
standard single estate Panama). I liked the Fila a bit more. I 
guess this year's Flor is better (or fresher).

11) From: Doug Sammons
Same thing here,  some new guys setup a great little coffee shop great 
amibance(sic) and have a shinney new red roaster, beeauutiful!1 They were 
willing to sell some green beans, cheap, almost too cheap at $3.00 which 
made me wonder.  I have tried 6 varieties from 3 continents and can't get a 
good cup of coffee.  These guys spent a fortune setting up a nice shop and 
don't have a clue how to get good green beans.  This made me really 
appreciate the beans I have been getting from T & M.
At 11:48 AM 9/26/03 -0700, you wrote:

12) From: AlChemist John
Very true.  I know they are doing this to make a living, which is great, 
but they do not cut corners or quality that I have noticed.  If they say 
something, I  believe it as they have done nothing to deserve my 
mistrust.  It is amazing what ethics can do for a business.  Would that 
most business' ran this way.
Sometime around 14:57 9/26/2003, Rick W typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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13) From: Les & Becky
Maybe you should tell them about Tom & Maria!
Love, Becky

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