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Topic: Not that OT: Spam troubles (6 msgs / 266 lines)
1) From: Thompson Owen
Hi all - We are really getting hit hard by spam here at sweet marias. 
Sometimes people have told us we didn't get an email and I am worried 
that it was chewed up by the spam filters. Sometimes our mail boxes 
overfill with this crud, as I am sure happens to many of us these 
So please if you email sweet marias have a really clear subject line 
like "Order #2342342" or "HotTop Concern" or "Guatemala La Maravilla" 
, not "I need to talk to you..." or "does your wife love you..." or 
"online pharmacy special" :-)
This probably goes without saying for every email you send to 
everyone at this point. It's a war I tell you ... a war!
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2) From: Ed Needham
May I suggest that if we email you directly, we use  as the first
word of the subject?  You could create a filter to add those emails to a
separate folder.  At least that would route some of the important stuff away
from the static.
Another option is to use mailwasher www.mailwasher.net  The free version is
incredible.  I get upwards of 500 emails a day since I have two domain names
(I'm on EVERY spammers list it seems), and most are SPAM or viruses.  It
allows me to 'only' download the heaters, keeping download times short, and
keeping viruses on the ISP server where I can use Mailwasher to delete them
harmlessly.  It also automatically blacklists SPAM that is on a couple of web
databases, and marks it for deletion.  I can set filters or blacklist
individual emails so they are banned permanently.   I am not one to get too
excited about many things, but I will swear by this program.  I use it on
Windows 98SE and Windows XP Home.
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!
homeroaster ... d.o.t ... com

3) From: Ron Sand
I had the same thought about a special word in the subject, but being an
internet business, I was afraid it may cut out some critical emails from new
customers.  If someone who is more html savvy than I knows how to alter a
"mailto:" link on a web page and automatically fill in a subject, or perhaps
give the email a specific flag or category, that would direct most traffic
in the right direction.  A text explaining what should be in the subject
would help.

4) From: ClausThøgersen
A few really good free spam blockers are beeing developped by people in the
open source community.
Spam Ihilator is currently my favorit, it takes care og about 95 percent of
spam and you can train it to perfection or just use it with the 95 percent
It is for use on single pcs primarily so you have to download all mail wich
can be a problem depending on your type of connection, but this is the only
The program is in beta but works fine and is free and will remain to be so.
And nothing with black lists here! You can block a sendder but not black
list the person in public black lists because these  blacklists causes more
trouble than they solve.http://www.spamihilator.com/index2.php?lang=enClaus

5) From: Steve McKinney
My employer started using a mail filtering service, mailfilters.com, a
couple of months back and they seem to be doing a pretty good job.  I don't
know how appropriate / affordable they'd be for Sweet Maria's, but it might
be worth looking into.

6) From: Peter Barnes
Since this might be useful to more than just Ron, I thought I would send
sample html code for an e-mail link that includes the subject line...
Click to E-mail Me
just replace your information where needed.
Ron Sand wrote:

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