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1) From: Ian Johns
unsubscribe help

unsubscribe help

2) From: John Abbott
Ian Johns wrote:
Gee Ian I just got here!  But if you have to leave (you could switch to 
digest mode!!)  usehttp://lists.sweetmarias.com/mailman/options/homeroast/ijohns%40wetfeet.comHope you remember your password!   If all else fails you can send a note to
 homeroast-request  (note it hast -request added) and put help in the subject line.
Hope you stay around!
John - sipping El Salvador 100% bourbon (that's coffee y'all)

3) From: rnkyle
Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that you missed a big to-do on unsubscribing
Ron Kyle
drums for gas grillshttp://rnk10.tripod.com

4) From: Rick Farris
Why should he remember his password, when yours will work?

5) From: miKe mcKoffee

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