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Topic: the shopping cart is closed for a few hours (3 msgs / 86 lines)
1) From: Tom & Maria
Just wanted to let you all know I have to do some ...er ...forced upgrading
tonite so the shopping cart is closed for a while. And you thought
Microsoft was the most tyrannical software provider? They probably invented
the "forced upgrade" but miva is close behind...
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Happy Holidays! Sweet Maria's is closed 12/21 to 12/28 and begin shipping
again on 1/2/01 in the order received.
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
           Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria

2) From: Scarpa, Carl
RE: + the shopping cart is closed for a few hours

Does anyone know of a "green coffee bean" of the month club?  If so who are they?  Comments on : prices, quality ,etc would be very appreciated

Thanks Carl

3) From: floyd burton
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RE: + the shopping cart is closed for a few hours
Have looked at other sources of both roasted and green 
beans-nada comes close to SM's.  If you read between the description lines 
of other green bean offerings, you get the sense these people devote little or 
no time in evaluating what they are selling.  Suggest you create your 
own.  From Tom's descriptions see what you might like and buy a pound of 
each.  I roast each batch slightly differently for almost the whole pound 
to discover which style of roast I like best and then on to the next set of 
beans.  At the end I try to then roast the beans I liked best in the 
optimal roast procedure and then compare the various types of beans.  Once 
you get that down pat and then start working on blends.  My preference is 
for Ethopian Yirgcheffe and the various Yemeni coffee's.  Also have found 
some CR and Guat beans that are very nice.  
I travel a lot and have yet to locate another site either on 
the web or on the street that has the selection or information combo offered by 
Tom.  Nada is even close.

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