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1) From: DJ Garcia
I felt uncomfortable talking about ISH in a thread named Yuk ...
I roasted my first half-pound to 10 secs past 2nd crack. This is
probably the lightest I've roasted, but I tried to follow Tom's lead on
this wallet-burner, and OK, I probably gave it a couple of snaps past
his couple of snaps, as I tend to roast dark, but I thought I showed
remarkable roasting restraint.
I then let it rest about 37 hours, again following his lead from the
notes, and had my first cup this morning. Understand at this point that
I only brew espresso. So I'm looking at about $2.00 in raw materials,
and quite honestly I was very concerned about the grind, this being
forst time and having no reference other than the other coffees I've
ground, none of which are like this one.
I mean Kona may be on the same side of some of the cup's aspects
(smooth, expensive etc.) but bean-wise it's structured quite
differently. My other current roast (three days old) is a 1 to 2 blend
of Aged Sumatra 1999 and Sumatra Mandheling, which came out in a
fantastic Vienna roast. And quite a different animal. In my MFC grinder
I range from 2.5 to 4.5 in all my roasts to-date. The Sumatran blend
turned out at 2.5 (took me three cups to get there! - I usually start at
3.5-4 for an unknown roast), so it was with some aprehension I dialed
3.5 and let her rip.
Perfect 35 sec extraction! I couldn't believe my luck! Now I will advise
that the next scene may be too violent for some audiences. As I
mentioned, I only brew espresso. There's a follow-up to that. I only
drink cappuccino. Yes, my friends, the perfectly extracted $2/18 gm /
2.5 oz worth of ISH went into my 7-8 oz of steamed milk, with a couple
of (2) flattened Turbinado sugar teaspoonfulls. (time out for audience
Well, I have to say, that was quite a different cup of ccinno. Smooth
but hardly boring with plenty character, not quite tasting like anything
else I've ever had, trully exotic. I do love this bean! I didn't really
expect this much of a bang from it.
Well I hope I have neither offended nor (if you're still reading this)
bored you to death.
PLEASE, Tom, get some more of this stuff! I'm in for a 5 pounder (being
considerate of my fellow roasters).

2) From: miKe mcKoffee

3) From: Brian Hyde
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    Perfect 35 sec extraction! I couldn't believe my luck!
Just curious, did you mean *25 sec* extraction or is *35 sec* your actually
shot target?
I was wondering about this too.  I can get a 20 sec if the flow is a bit
too fast to come out pretty good sometimes, but anything remotely over 28
sec and it's bitter city.
  Hey, if that's the way you like your coffee that's the way you like your
coffee! I've no doubt your homeroast 'cinos are light years above the usual
commercial drivel. But be brave, cast off the milk & sugar, try an ISH
Americano, way way yummy IMO! If you lived in the my area I'd even off to
pull you an ISH Ristretto Cafe' Crema Americano. Smooth and creamy without
milk or cream, and naturally sweet to me.
Mike, what is a Ristretto (and I capitalize, that may be important) Cafe'
Crema Americano?  Ristretto I get.  Cafe Crema I get. And Americano I get.
 I could even understand Ristretto Cafe' Americano, because that is essentially
what I do.  But am I confused, a Crema means you get a coffee volume in 25
sec and a Ristretto and Americano implies the corresponding espresso proportions.
 Or am I just showing my newbie side?  

4) From: DJ Garcia
actually shot target?
Mike, in my E-61 head Mininova at home, I shoot for 35 secs from when I
start the extraction, which works out to 25 secs from when coffee starts
coming out. At the office Sylvia, I shoot for 25 secs since the coffee
starts coming out almost immediately.
Now I lay me down to sleep looking forward to tomorrow's ISH cup :-)

5) From: Rick W
I'm envious...!   Last week, I'd roasted some of my previous ISH stash
to 15 seconds past the first snap of 2nd.  Now that I've got an espresso
machine (SL90), I was anxious to try the ISH as espresso.  The resulting
pull (technically speaking) was very disappointing on my SL90 with a tan
to blonde color from start to finish.  I tried several different shots,
grind and tamp combinations and nothing really changed that much with
the shot result.  Funny thing though, and maybe because it was ISH, the
shot in an Americano tasted pretty good (although a bit thin/weak).
I've come to the realization that the SL90 is already somewhat limited
in producing the nice reddish-brown color throughout a 25 sec pull for
most beans.  The best reason I can see for this is the smaller PF they
use = less coffee.  With the ISH, the problem was really magnified.
Hearing that you produced nice shot results from your E61 type machine
is encouraging.  I was wondering what others were experiencing with ISH
as espresso.
Rick Waits 

6) From: Les & Becky
The number one rule of a true CSA member is that YOU DRINK YOUR COFFEE THE
WAY YOU WANT!!!  My wife loves her ISH cappuccinos.  I much prefer an
Americano or a straight shot.  It is by far my favorite bean.  I have
ordered many pounds directly from St. Helena.  The cost is about the same as
Tom and the wait is about 5 months.

7) From: John Abbott
Les & Becky wrote:
Umm, Les.. CSA members *KNOW* the right way to prepare their coffee!   
If you aren't preparing it *MY* way then you must be doing it wrong!
ISH is such a smooth coffee that it begs for the Cona Vacuum Pot.  If it 
gets to the SM5K then it is almost always going to be Cafe Crema or 
Americano. When ever I prepare it as a Crema the recipients make sounds 
that make me uncomfortable while they drink it!    There is a remarkable 
difference between the various estates and I think the Napoleon Estate 
takes the prize as the very best of the best.  I'm waiting patiently for 
that kid in the row boat to get my order to our shore - hoping that my 
torn paper bag stays intact until it gets to my place - which is the 
chief reason I order from Tom when the list gives me a chance :o((
John - who also has turned his wife onto ISH so she doesn't look at the 

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