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1) From: John Abbott
gin wrote:
Please consult the CSA manual page 114-119   where it is covered in its 
entirely.  However, being Ginny and all you probably can't find your 
copy so; in essence.
Green coffee beans have a shelf life of approximately 3 years before 
some pretty rapid degradation takes effect.  Tom moves all of his coffee 
in under a year. So with the distance and time from tree to Tom, then 
distance and time to you (OEM) the first year is about cooked.  That 
leaves you 2 years to safely devour your stock without fear of producing 
Vietnamese Robusta like coffee. Way back in the dark ages (that would be 
- before you joined the list) we kicked this whole subject around for a 
couple of days and then decided that 2 years should be the life of a 
bean after purchase - some of us declaring a 1 year frame just to prove 
we weren't conventional. 
Now enter the dialog about vacuum storage (Mike wasn't the first - just 
the most illustrative and the leader of a small breakaway group that 
bought them two years ago).  When to store - how much to store - and 
where to put the bodies.   Subjects included ventilation (necessary) 
coolness (isn't everything cool at a home roaster) and protected from 
wandering animals and Texans.   The small breakaway group did some 
testing on long term effects of vacuum storage - not too scientific - OK 
NOT scientific - but we couldn't see where a year or so in a vacuum had 
any effect.  Next February I'll do a roast on some 2 year in the vacuum 
beans and report back.
Oh - and disregard the photos on page 117 - that has been fixed.
John - returning your mailbox to its normal and customary use

2) From: Ben Treichel
John Abbott wrote:
Actually they were handed out at the pnwg; thats why you can't find it. ;-)

3) From: Ben Treichel
No, he has very little to do anyway ;-)
gin wrote:

4) From: John Abbott
gin wrote:
No problem at ALL!   I'm totally healthy again - life is wonderful - I'm 
in everyone's hair again so maybe just MY life is wonderful. 
I'm being pretty well humbled by my Apache Server however.  Are you any 
good at  'mkfs.minix"   especially mkfs.minix -t   because I keep 
blowing up.  I am networking a 2000 with Apache because my satellite 
system doesn't have respect for anything non-Micro$oft.   Works well 
until I try to do anything on the Apache.

5) From: John Abbott
Ben Treichel wrote:
Well that's true kinda - but there are some things I'm trying to do.  My 
wife just had to leave the room so I wouldn't see her laugh.  I thought 
I had fixed my server and went "TADA!" just as its lights went off.  I'm 
supposed to be good at this stuff but NOT TODAY!!
On our way back from South Padre Island and playing in the 87 degree 
Gulf of Mexico yesterday - we made an exit off Highway 83 in San Juan at 
the "Solis Rd" exit. and lo and behold - there is the Hazelnut Coffee 
Roasters building.  Write this down - DON'T BUY HAZELNUT brand coffee.  
They must have had 40 kinds of beans already roasted, sitting in .. 
ready... cardboard boxes.  They have ONE San Fransisco roaster - so this 
stuff is days or weeks worth of beans.  Then in one corner they had what 
looked like a white plastic cement mixer where -  where - they were 
flavoring their beans - 100% of them!!   They had some Kona beans that 
they were giving a "mild" rum flavor to - and weren't sure which farm 
they came from - but thought it was Ft. Meyers!   Oh me - can you say 
OLD Captain Cook! They had a couple of airpots full of coffee (this is 
late afternoon) that were brewed fresh that morning.  We were laughing 
so hard when we left that I had trouble driving.  SAD NEWS.... They are 
on the grocery shelves in McAllen!!

6) From: John Abbott
On Saturday 15 November 2003 04:01 am, Ed Needham wrote:
You know what's funny is taht I typed the command correctly in composing that 
email - but had entered it wrong a half dozen times in real-time.   And 
that's Minix not Minx :O)

7) From: Ed Needham
You're asking Ginny if she's good at  'mkfs.minix"  ?
I thought we'd already determined that .
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!
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