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Topic: Advice on a drip coffee maker (5 msgs / 172 lines)
1) From: Bruce Harlick
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moving up to Seattle, and I'm going to need to get a new drip coffee maker. (My 
old one is staying behind with the old housemates.) I'm looking for a nice one 
with a thermal carafe and good temperature control for the water. Any of you 
knowledgeable folks have a recommendation for me?
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2) From: rnkyle
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Bruce I have use a Bunn for years and like it.

3) From: AlChemist John
The only thing I can really add is that I am presently looking also.  From 
reading virtually all of Coffeegeek's reviews and asking people I seem have 
come up this a lot of conflicting information.  When I find the "perfect" 
one I only go one to find someone else reviewed it a hated it because it 
failed to perform 3 times in a row (read they returned it three times for a 
new one in hopes of a good one).  That all said, I am leaning heavily 
toward the Cuisinart Brew Central.  In general it had many more good 
reviews than bad.  Although I doubt I will get it, the Capresso MT500 was a 
close second.
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4) From: Marc Joseph
I saw the highly regarded Kitchen Aid 10 cup brewer on sale last week 
for $39.99 at Tuesday Morning.
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5) From: Bill Doman
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sure how closely I fit the "knowledgeable folks" description, but I love my 
Bunn.  I got the reduced-flow showerhead (free for the asking) and find 
that it makes very acceptable drip, IF you use enough coffee.  They seem to 
be virtually indestructible, though some seem to heat the water a little on the 
cool side (I don't remember exactly what mine measured when I took the 
thermometer to it, but it was just into the recommended temp range).  
that said, when I have the time my cup is filled with an Americano from Miss 
Silvia rather than drip.

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