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Topic: Tradition winner! (5 msgs / 67 lines)
1) From: Bill Clark
ok folks, the winner of the vest is........
Zara Haimo
Zara, please email me off list with your mailing address.
Thanks all!
Bill C

2) From: Zara Haimo
I already was 2 traditions in arrears for offering something to the list and
was just waiting for the current rounds to end before posting my offerings,
but now I'm 3 behind, so I'll post at least one of them shortly.

3) From: Bill Doman
 Jeffrey Pawlan is the winner of my decaf bean tradition. I'm contacting him
off list with a list of what's in my stash so he can choose the varieties. 

4) From: George Holt
The winner of the Turkish Mill and roast of the day(Kora Peaberry) is
Jim Colwell.
 Jim send me your shipping address of list and I'll get your Mill and
Coffee in the mail ASAP.
Living Large In Waxhaw, NC.
George Holt

5) From: Andy Thomas
Thanks to all the seventeen roastmasters who entered
my drawing for the Poppery 1. And congratulations to
the winner, Joel Gonzalez.
Andy Thomas 
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