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1) From: John Abbott
Last year I gave a LOT of Kona as Christmas presents and for the most 
part it was well received.  I say "most" because I have a brother-in-law 
in California who cannot bring himself to admit that my roasts are 
better than his although my sister assures me that is the case.   So now 
I'm preparing to place my order with Sweet Maria's  for what ever I'm 
handing out this year - and it occurs to me that numerous coffee 
roasters offer a "Christmas Blend" or a "Holiday Blend."   So I'm 
contemplating a special blend this year.   What I'm looking for is 
smooth and spicy.  I'm leaning toward  a Yemen 25%, Sulawesi Toraja 75% 
but am certainly open for suggestions.   I'm low on about everything 
except Centrals at this moment so I'll have to get off a quick order for 
what ever it is.

2) From: Dan Bollinger
When I think of 'smooth' I think of the balanced Centrals or the low acid
Sumatran/Indos.  So, you might think of them for you base.  When in doubt, make
a Mokha Java blend. (i.e. Sumatran/Yemen)

3) From: John Abbott
Hmm - I've have enough Sumatran on hand to give that a try today.  
That's smooth but will it be spicy?  I'll try it and let you know what I 
think.  I have to order by Monday if I'm going to be able to get it off 
in time for Christmas giving.
Dan Bollinger wrote:

4) From: Dan Bollinger
Nope, but add your Yemen to it.
I'll try it and let you know what I

5) From: AlChemist John
I don't grok what you mean by smooth AND spicy.  Those seem virtual 
opposites to me.  Mind you, I can't think of a spicy single bean right 
now.  Acidic, sharp, high noted, yes, but not spicy.  Would the deep spice 
notes (cardamom, nutmeg) of the Bali Shinzan count?
As for smooth, I just looked up my Zen blend.  1/3 each, individually 
roasted, DP Harar, SA Miel, Ethiopian Sidamo.  Do you have those on hand to 
try?  On that same note, I have only used it for drip and press pot.  I 
would love for someone to give it a try as espresso (as I can't yet) and 
let me know how it behaves.  Any takers?
Sometime around 06:47 11/28/2003, John Abbott typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalthttp://www.dreamsandbones.net/blog/

6) From: rnkyle
John this may give you what your looking for. The Pluma is nice and smooth,
and the peppery Eithiopia mabey a 70% Pluma and a 30% ethiopian.

7) From: Peter Barnes
blending is not something I do much of, but *Papua New Guinea -Kinjibi 
Estate A *is probably the spiciest single origin coffee I've had this 
year, at least it was when roasted to Vienna.  The current Harar Horse 
offering is also spicy, though it isn't as intense as previous 
offerings, and really has some wonderful non-spice flavorings to it - I 
bought a 20 lb. bag for my xmas giftings.  I have no idea if these blend 
well, because, well, I just haven't done much blending yet.

8) From: miKe mcKoffee
Late reply, my email service was down since yesterday evening...
A very popular with/for friends classic blend variation I do is Yemen Mokha
Latino. Post roast 1:1:1 blend of Yemen 13min 460° about 30sec into second,
Sulawesi 12min 450°f just before 2nd, Panama 13min 440°f (about 3min gradual
1st crack development from 410°). A very smooth version of the classic Yemen
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
MCSE (Maniacal Coffee Systems Engineer/Enthusiast;-)
URL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer etc.http://mdmint.home.comcast.net/coffee/Rosto_mod.htm

9) From: John Abbott
This looks like a great duo.  The flowery Yirg with the Tresoros   Could 
be a winner!  I'll  get some and we'll see.
 Thanks for the idea.
John - recovering from furniture shopping. Our furniture is now worth 
more than our home :O))
rnkyle wrote:

10) From: John Abbott
Thanks Peter  I'm a Harar Horse bulk buyer too so that will probably be 
part of my blend - I may do more than one the way its shaping up.  But 
I've got to get it narrowed down over the weekend and get it on the way 
from Tom.
John - Really looking forward to some great new tastes
Peter Barnes wrote:

11) From: John Abbott
Thanks Mike - I know you and I like about the same tastes in coffee so 
I'll put this in the order for sure - and it gives me an excuse to load 
up on more Panama.
John - gonna be a roastin' fool here in a week.
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

12) From: Les & Becky
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
I made up my 2003 Christmas blend.
8  oz of Brazil Cooxupe Coop Prima Qualita
2  oz of India Mossoned Malabar
2 oz of Sulawesi Toraja
2 oz of Uganda Robusta
2 oz of Java Kayuma
2 oz of Sulawesi Toraja WP Decaf
4 oz of Yemen Ismaili
4 oz of Ethiopian MC Decaf Gimbi
4 oz of Sumatra Mandheling DP
I took it 20 seconds into a full second crack.  If it tastes as good as =
it smells, it is going to be a real treat!

13) From: Leslie H. Smith
Wow, you certainly don't seem to be much into Centrals!  A guy after my own 
At 01:35 AM 12/16/2003, you wrote:

14) From: Les & Becky
I like my Centrals, just not in espresso.  I really like the Pacamara and
the Panama coffees.  In fact, I have not found a good Arabica I didn't like,
but for espresso, I like to go Africa - Indonesia - Brazil!  I'll pull a
Cappo or Americano out of anything!

15) From: Jim Schulman
On 16 Dec 2003 at 23:18, Les & Becky wrote:
Amen to that! I've gotten very lazy, and do a lot more 
Americanos than brewing. Now I'm roasting a straight espresso 
blend, and an SO for Americanos (and cappas if it's works) each 

16) From: MMore
I got my Trader Joe's flyer yesterday and they advertised a Holiday Spice  
coffee blend that had clove, red and green peppercorns and Cinnamon mixed in  
with the coffee.  Has anyone tried to mix things like this in their coffee  and 
with what results?  Sounds a little weird, but intriguing  nonetheless.
Michael A. Roaster of Vienna,  Va.

17) From: Brett Mason
How about broccoli?
On 11/16/05, MMore  wrote:
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

18) From: mIke mcKoffee
Yeah, those spices could be used in a cream sauce for broccoli for a Holiday
dinner! But I'd not let them touch my coffees...
miKe mcKoffee
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19) From: Brett Mason
I was thinking that if you didn't really like the taste of fresh
roasted coffee, and wanted to throw something into it, perhaps you
could try Broccoli...  This could be the George Herbert blend...
On 11/16/05, mIke mcKoffee  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

20) From: Clifton Burkett
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My Christmas blend turned out very well. Much better on the second  
day of rest! I haven't got the Mazzer dialed in yet , but I go a  
fairly nice tasting shot this morning at 15 second pull, not much  
creama at that quick a pull.
My blend is:
25% Sulawesi Toraja
25% Brazil Sul de Minas (Carmo Estate)
25 Ethiopian Harar Horse
25 %  Indian Monsooned Malabar
Clif - SomeWhere in Florida
with Rocky the Cardi and Garfield the Tabby
Odie PWC at the Bridge 01/18/2006http://www.freewebs.com/aesk/inmemoriam.htm--Apple-Mail-4--147527991
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My Christmas blend turned = out very well. Much better on the second day of rest! I haven't got the = Mazzer dialed in yet , but I go a fairly nice tasting shot this morning = at 15 second pull, not much creama at that quick a pull.
My blend is:25% = Sulawesi Toraja 25% Brazil Sul de Minas (Carmo = Estate) 25 Ethiopian Harar Horse25 %  Indian = Monsooned Malabar Clif - SomeWhere = in Floridawith Rocky the Cardi and Garfield the = TabbyOdie PWC at the = Bridge 01/18/2006

= = --Apple-Mail-4--147527991--

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