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Topic: new (used) espresso machine (5 msgs / 150 lines)
1) From: peter zulkowski
Just now my look alike used Saeco Grand Crema arrived at my door, and I 
could not wait to try it.
It came with:
the machine itself,
and a cup to hold the grind.
The cup is composed of a heavy duty part with a handle, that screws into 
the machine, and an insert that has hundreds of very tiny tiny holes in it.
At some point in my life I had purchased an inexpensive espresso maker 
that really did not work well, and it had a cup to hold the grinds 
similar to this one, but I think it had another piece, another holey 
piece that went on top of the grind after it was tamped.
Am I missing this part or am I fine so far?
The next step was to grind some espresso. So I got out my hand grinder 
(still waiting on a Zassenhaus) and ground 2 scoops of Moka Kadir as 
fine as I could.
This just about filled the cup of the machine. I tamped it down with my 
fingers so that the coffee was about a quarter inch below the top (no 
tamper yet either), screwed it into the machine (about a quarter turn), 
and turned it on.
After a few minutes all the lights on it changed state so I assumed it 
was ready. I heated my cup (after I found one that would fit under the 
spout) by running hot steam into it, put the cup under the double spout, 
and started the pump.
In about 30 seconds the pump sound changed in pitch and dark foamy 
liquid began to trickle out. I let this run until it was not so dark 
anymore, (perhaps a half a cup) and turned the pump off.
My wife said that the espresso was pretty strong!
Go figure huh?
So I turned the machine on a bit longer, and ran some more water through 
the grounds into the cup.
This was better said she.
Last night I roasted the Moka Kadir blend, and just had to run some 
through my french press to try it. It was pretty good then, but 
definitely a lot stouter this way.
Now I have never really made espresso before, and know nothing about it 
other than what I have read on this list.
Can anyone offer any suggestions that may improve the process?

2) From: jim gundlach
I think I know the part you are thinking about, I call it the 
showerhead.  It should be attached to the espresso machine with a screw 
above where the filter is attached.
    Jim Gundlach
On Dec 1, 2003, at 5:30 PM, peter zulkowski wrote:

3) From: peter zulkowski
Okay, I see it there!
Thanks, Jim
jim gundlach wrote:

4) From: Ed Needham
Or maybe it's a 'crema enhancer', that allows for variations in grind and
creates the pressure by restricting flow.
Ed Needham
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5) From: miKe mcKoffee

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