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1) From: ginny
I think they are online.
Tiny Joy is great, I agree.

2) From: joshm
My friend from SF just brought me my last delivery from SM.
5 lbs of Indian Monsoon
2 lbs of Sumatra Lintong
1 lb Uganda Bugisu (Why, oh why, only 1 lb of this!?!)
The 5 lbs of the Monsooned made the schlepp less than comfortable i imagine,
but what are friends for;-)
But, curiously, as I was opening the box, my expectations were focused on
TINY JOY, a great joy each time I get a shipment. (Maybe because it can be
digested without waiting 48-72 hrs)
So, again I was driven to look at back issues on the SM website. Now with
the PDF format they are better than ever, although tucked away deep in the
recesses of the "Library".
I think TINY JOY deserves a more "upfront" placement-or a site of his/her
At any rate, as Tom and Marie sweat now, preparing the Huge Joy for your
holiday roasts-I would like to thank them both for the Huge and (not so)
Tiny Joy that just arrived.
best, myron
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3) From: Matthew Price
I just got a shipment (Yirg, Rowanda, Zimbabwe if you must know) and I
was reminded of how much I always enjoy reading the enclosed "Tiny
Joy" newsletter.  Is there somewhere I can go to see past issues? 
They seem to have been posted in spurts through 2003 but nothing
after.  I would like to see the one's I've missed between orders.

4) From: Rich Adams

5) From: Matthew Price
Yeah, I went there and the last one is from May/June 2004.
On 4/20/05, Rich Adams  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

6) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
My Oops - I need to get the more recent ones uploaded...
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7) From: Michael Lapeyre
Looking at back issues....
Hey Tom-- Who did you roast for in New Orleans?
I'm curious as to your opinions on some of the local roasters here.  It was
a sad day here when Starbucks moved to town, but some shops here are holding

8) From: DEchelbarg
Under the Library Section, I believe.

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