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Topic: use for chaff? (6 msgs / 118 lines)
At A.C. with the B.W.  She wanted a cappa and steered
me into a *$.  I had to go 'cause she was 2K ahead at
that point.  While she negotiates with the counter
staff I bug the manager about how come there is no
Hanukkah or Kwanzaa coffee tho' there is a Christmas
blend. Meanwhile she tells the manager that I
homeroast.  He asks me lots of questions and then
tells me that on apparently more than one occasion
other coffee companies have tried to buy chaff from
them to use as an "extender" for  canned ground
coffee.  Since many of us use machines that collect
chaff perhaps some of it can be pooled and placed in
vacuum bags until a sufficient quantity is stored and
then  sold to a willing company or brewed, and the
resultant product be mixed with steamed milk - voila
                         Paul, sitting out the
blizzard of 03 by a Java-Log fire and getting cabin fever.
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2) From: john
chaffachino!  LMAO!!!
How about a chaff pillow?  Or an exfoliating additive?  Perhaps it has some
use in hair restoration, or in cutting grease while washing dishes?
The possibilities are endless, man...
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3) From: Ed Needham
Some use chaff to make paper.
Ed Needham
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4) From: John Kangas
It's not the tastiest stuff, not too bad but not enjoyable. I tried making a 
chaff tea once, out of sheer curiosity, brewed at coffee brewing temp and 
time to see what effect it has on my coffee. It tasted exactly like a 
heaping pile of freshly harvested oats smells.
I've been dumping my chaff into a leftover tin recently, and feed it to some 
nearby plants from time to time; they don't seem to mind, they even seemed 
to perk up a bit... That could have been due to Spring, but I've never 
claimed to be a green thumb!
John Kangas
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5) From: Scott Jensen
I used it for mulch around my tomato plants.  Seemed to work real well, had
to wet it down quick so it didn't blow away.  I tried using the grounds from
my Solis but it was so fine it blocked all the water from going into the
soil!  Formed a crust and almost killed my tomatos.
Scott J.

6) From: jim gundlach
I just add it to the used coffee grounds and compost it.
     Jim Gundlach
On Dec 7, 2003, at 5:20 PM, Scott Jensen wrote:

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