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Topic: The Solis Master 5K is back up and grinding! (6 msgs / 109 lines)
1) From: Clifton Burkett
The Solis Master 5K is back up and grinding! 
The exit of the grinder was jammed. I located my old electronics repair =
and snagged my inspection mirror, flex-light and an several orange-wood
sticks to call into cleaning duty. Then I located a small pipe cleaner =
fashioned a small nozzle to fit on the end of the shop vac. I started =
cleaning by putting the grinder in the coarsest setting possible to =
better access to get at the jam. I then carefully started the cleaning
process from the exit and entrance to the grinder pathway vacuuming =
every so
often. After the entrance had been cleared the unit was able to grind =
It self cleaned itself the rest of the way after repeated shots. I =
on the coarsest setting, 18, then backed down to 10 one shot at a time. =
is my favorite setting, 8 is the factory default.
Clif  - SomeWhere in Florida

2) From: rnkyle
Snip from Clif Burkett:
on the coarsest setting, 18, then backed down to 10 one shot at a time. 10
Neccesity is the mother of invention. Thats good to know
Thanks. I just bought a Solis and 5 lbs of Kona from SM and it should be
here Thursday. Its nice to know a solution to a problem before it happens.

3) From: John Abbott
Ron & Cliff,
Said in a kind but condescending voice.  If one follows the instructions 
and routinely cleans the brewing mechanism this should never happen.  
I'm wondering Cliff if somehow the grounds got wet.  Perhaps water 
spilled into the grinder path some how?  I've run my SM5K non-stop for a 
couple of years and have never had that happen.  I'm trying to figure 
out how it might have happened to you.
John - moving my SM5k (and LP p, Cona, Press pots, various grinders) to 
a new home today!
rnkyle wrote:

4) From: Ed Needham
Ummm...maybe dark oily roasts over time?
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!
homeroaster ... d.o.t ... com

5) From: John Abbott
You are probably dead on target Ed.  I now wonder how those last couple 
of weeks of coffee must have tasted :O(  UGH!!
Ed Needham wrote:

6) From: Clifton Burkett
I think was beans were too oily and maybe from the room being cold. I =
use the heater as I live in Florida but it got rather chilly this =
Close to the 40 mark. I think it was a combo of the two.
Clif - SomeWhere in Florida

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