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Topic: Advice for Malabar Gold in a drum roaster? (5 msgs / 100 lines)
1) From: Jason Molinari
Hey anyone have any advice for roasting malabar gold in a BBQ drum? i roasted 1/2 lb last week, and it just isn't quite right. I took it to the start of rolling 2nd, i didn't see any oil when i dumped the beans. Total roast time was 16:35 or so.
The flavor isn't quite as good as when i used to do it inmy air popper..i can't really put my finger on it though.
Any advice?

2) From: decadmus
What's it taste like?
Green? Sour? Too nutty? Cereally? Any of these might indicate either not
quite enough roast time, or an uneven roast, which is really easy to do in
a BBQ roaster.
Sharp? Bitter? Smokey? Creosote? Perhaps the roast was more developed than
you thought... or again, some beans got crispier than others.
Flat? Lifeless? Dull? While your overall roast time wouldn't suggest baked
beans, you may have had a less-than-ideal temperature ramp. Or, you may
have not been able to cool the beans as quickly as they'd have liked.
I've almost entirely given up on BBQ roasting - though I know others still
roast thataway to terrific effect. For me, there were simply too many
variables I had no hope of controlling. I've found I roast best by using
my nose. It always knows... ;)

3) From: Jason Molinari
Well, let me begin by saying that i bbq roast my other stuff and ilike it:)
As far as this batch..hrmm i would say it is somewhat dull and flat, and maybe a little harsh..bitter isnt really correct, i thikn lifeless is most correct. Maybe i did bake it.
Normally my smaller batch roasts, such as this one, are done in about 12-14 minutes.. I guess i'll try again:)

4) From: deCadmus
Jason Molinari said:
I hope I didn't come off as trashing BBQ roasting... not my intent at all.
I've had some really tasty batches come out of the BBQ, and some really
*dismal* ones - and the real problem was I couldn't nail down from each to
each what the difference of the roast was. Argh.
It's one thing to roast a great batch of coffee. It's another to roast a
great batch *every time*. I'm pretty convinced that *I* don't have the
wherewithal, or the tools, or the patience to accomplish "every time" with
a BBQ roaster. Clearly, other folks have achieved more consistent success
than I could.
Besides, the HotTop suits me just fine - for now. Again, I roast best when
I roast by nose, and doing that with the HotTop couldn't be easier.
~ brewed fresh daily ~

5) From: David Lewis
At 2:55 PM -0500 12/11/03, Jason Molinari wrote:
That seems about the right timing; for me it's about 35 seconds into 
second crack, just before oil. You may have the development phase too 
long. In my Hottop, about 4' to 4'30" from beginning of first to end 
of roast seems about right for MG.
"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is 
nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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