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1) From: George Van Wagner
I'm still not sure quite how, but I've been sucked into the world of 
home roasting, and picked up a Z&D and the 8-pack sampler from Sweet 
Maria's to start off. Why a Z&D? I prefer a coffee with lower acidity, 
and my research led me to believe that the Z&D roasts cup more like 
drum than the other home roasters available at that (relatively) 
inexpensive price point. Most of the time, I'm not intending to roast 
much darker then Full City/Vienna, so it seemed a reasonable choice. 
I'll admit that the smokeless (or close to it) operation was a selling 
point, as well. I found the additional tip sheet that comes from Sweet 
Maria's to be very helpful, as the Z&D manual, while telling you how to 
operate the machine, doesn't really do much beyond that, despite the 
excerpts from the Davids' book.
My first roast, yesterday, was from the sample bag of Panama Bouquette 
La Berlina that came with the roaster. I took it just inside the 
beginning of second crack (and I had no problem hearing either first or 
second crack, despite having heard that it might be a problem with this 
roaster), for a roast that's somewhere between City and Full City. 
After letting it out-gas for 18 hours or so, brewed some up this 
morning. My coffee palate it still nascent, so I probably can't 
describe it either as technically or as poetically as some of you 
who've been doing this for a long time, but it was pretty darn good. It 
was the first time that I've been able to understand the description of 
terms like 'chocolate overtones' and 'spice flavors'. Very nice indeed. 
I think I'll have to keep at this for a while. The upshot was that, 
after tasting this morning's coffee, I ordered 6 lbs of greens (2 
Columbia Huia Excelso, 2 Sumatra Mandheling, and 2 Sumatra Decaf) to 
start experimenting. Looking forward to learning more from this list.
A new guy,
George Van Wagner

2) From: MMore
How True!  First, you start small.....maybe a thrift store hot air popcorn 
popper and a sampler pack.  Char up a few batches, get the hang of it...next 
thing you know you've got a full scale monkey on your back!  
I just ordered the Kona sampler that Mike talked about a while ago!  Can't 
beat the Monkey!
Michael A. Roaster of Vienna, Va.

3) From: Myron Joshua
George wrote:
I think I'll have to keep at this for a while
LOL, we KNOW you will NEVER be able to free yourself from this;-)
ENJOY! Myron

4) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
On Dec 21, 2003, at 1:48 PM, George Van Wagner wrote:
    Welcome to the list George, Looks like you have started down the 
path that will lead to do and buy things that you never believed 
possible.  You might spend some time looking over the archive so see 
how far this takes some of us.
Jim Gundlach
Roasting over pecan wood fires
in La Place, Alabama

5) From: Ron Kyle
Welcome to the wonderful world of home roasting.
life as you knew it, will never be the same. As Martha Stewart would say
"and that's a good thing"

6) From: George Van Wagner
Is that like Kuli Lopak?
On Dec 21, 2003, at 3:06 PM, gin wrote:

7) From: javafool
ginny,     Add one tablespoon of Pepto-Bismol to your next double and you
will be just fine :)

8) From: Ben Treichel
good one Terry
javafool wrote:

9) From: miKe mcKoffee

10) From: Ron Kyle
Gin I new you would like the Martha quote

11) From: miKe mcKoffee
No, Kopi Luwak comes out the other end:-)
couldn't resist....MM

12) From: Ben Treichel
mikey stop stealing my lines!!
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

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